Friday, September 15, 2006

Baby sweater revived

Here's a peak at my five year old daughter wearing one of the first sweaters I ever produced.

She dug it out of storage recently when she decided she need to "dress like a teacher" everyday, which apparently includes wearing a cardigan.

My early knitting exploits started with baby sweaters right from the get go. This one includes a frilly bottom edge with a picot hem and simple lace patterns throughout.

It also includes a complete lack of understanding about gauge (notice I said baby sweater which now fits a five year old). The button band is wonky, and worst of all the back is longer than the front.

Even with all the mistakes, I adore seeing her wear it.


Ann said...

Mo, the sweater looks beautiful on her! Isn't it wonderful? R now wears the first sweater I ever made (for N) with all it's mistakes and quirkiness. I just love thinking how much I've improved as a knitter. But more importantly, I love seeing how much the kids love it -- I will forever treasure that sweater.

Anonymous said...

the best thing is that your daughter doesn't see the mistakes, just a beautiful handknit that makes her "look like a teacher".

and from the picture I cannot see the quirks you mention! I only see the pretty lacy sleeves and the ruffled hem.

I still have the first item I ever made (I was 27; how time flies!). it's a shrug in a double seed stitch pattern in a rather unattractive blue red heart yarn. I keep it to remind me how far I have come and how far I have yet to journey on the knitting path.

anne marie

Liz K. said...

Oh, I love her opinions on how to dress. I mis your Miss Priss so much!

And I'm glad to see she appreciates the knit. We all need to realize that when we knit with love, those who love us don't see the mistakes.

Devorah said...

The sweater is adorable! All that matters is that she loves it.