Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Single Skein September

I'm a big fan of Stash & Burn, the podcast hosted by Jenny and Nicole. While the original premise of the podcast was all things stash-related, they have branched out into interviews and really useful content about knitting, while stash remains a unifying motif. I listen to quite a few knitting podcasts, and I think theirs is among the most substantive, while still not taking themselves too seriously. Their episode about modifying patterns, for example, is a must-listen for all sweater knitters. Jenny and Nicole have a wonderful rapport, and listening to them is like having two passionate, knowledgeable knitters joining your knitting group. And really, any podcast that uses Sleater-Kinney for their theme song is for me.

Recently, they have announced a stash burning contest, encouraging listeners to knit up those single skeins in their stash. While I am not much for entering contests, I have been inspired to make dub next month Single Skein September. There are a bunch of single-skein projects ready in the stash, and because my sock-knitting keeps bumping them from the top of the to-knit list, I'll be taking a month-long hiatus from knitting socks and making my small, portable projects things like hats, mittens, scarves, etc. As I have said before, I am not overly stressed about my stash and its size or content, but sometimes, I like giving myself a framework with which to choose projects. I've wanted to knit a beret and a pair of Fetchings for quite some time, and that time is now!

Luckily, I finished this pair of socks just in time!

Pattern: Roza's Socks by Grumperina, IK Spring 2007
Yarn & Needles: Fleece Artist Sea Wool (Thanks, Ann!), US2
Mods: None
Notes: While I don't think this was the perfect pairing of yarn and pattern, I am pleased with these socks. The brioche rib is super-stretchy, and combined with the thicker yarn and larger needle, I ended up with socks that are a little too loose. I do, however, love this yarn and love this pattern. The pattern is super-speedy and simple, and the yarn is just smashingly squishy and soft. The colors are intense and luscious, all deep roses and light browns. You'll see me using both this yarn and pattern again, just likely not in this combination.

That's the last pair of socks you're likely to see around here for a little while, except maybe a one-skein leftover pair for the Rosebud. Care to join me for Single Skein September? Care to share your favorite single skein projects? Leave a comment!


Ashley said...

I'm excited to make the Baby Bolero from One Skein for a litte girl who was just born a little earyl--I've read it runs really tiny, so it should be perfect for a preemie, and it's so very, very cute.

I love those socks-the color is just gorgeous! I've been itching to knit with Sea Wool again since I made my Sockapalooza socks.

Madge said...

Single Skein September is a great idea. Count me in!

I've never made a pair of Fetchings, and they've been on my to-do list forever, so this might be the time for me, too. (you know me, fickle, so who knows what will actually be cast on) I've also had several lace scarves in the cue for a while, so I'll do those, too. And Shedir. I wanna knit Shedir.

*running off to scrounge around in stash*

Sally said...

What the hell, count me in. ;o) I want to make scarves for Xmas presents, and also some crocheted snowflakes for ornaments, so this should be just the kick in the pants I need. See you Friday!!

Kristy said...

I'm planning a lot of sweaters for September (which will really reduce my stash) so I can't join you. Have fun, though!

Sheryl said...

Google "One Skein Wonder" from Glampyre Knits. It is a shrug and they are so cute! I plan to make mine out of Noro SG - it will take a little more that one skein if I use all one yarn, but if you were really serious about one skein you could do the ribbed edge in something coordinating.

Annie said...

I love the idea of single skein stash busting. I'm joining you in a way, as my scarf is from a single skein of Schaefer Anne! Can't wiat to see the non-sock projects you will knit!

Thank you for all your comments on my blog! :-)

Laurie said...

Good luck with your Single Skein September. I'm still trying to finish up some UFO's...which are larger than I'd like.

Can't wait to see all of the small projects that you churn out.

tiennie said...

Very pretty socks! I love stash and burn - a podcast that my hubby likes to listen to also. I want to knit a pair of fetching too!

Jenna said...

Sleater-Kinney? I'm definitely going to have to check out this podcast :)

While a month-long hiatus from sock knitting is a little hard for me to swallow, I like your idea. I've been thinking of knitting items for the next afghans for Afghans collection in October, so this could be a good kick in the pants. Time for a little stash-diving.

knitnzu said...

Hmmm, made a bunch of fetchings, they were quick and easy. I like my 'yurt' shaped hats (click on my dulaan category to see some). Also the naughty squiddy from island of misfit patterns.

curlypurly said...

just in time to make 40 zillion of the next size soaker. i can do single skein september!

Wendy said...

I'm too much in sweater mode right now - but I love the concept. I think after I finish the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, I may be in a lace frame of mind - and there will definitely be one skein stash burning going on in my house.

Good luck with your good intentions!


Dorothy said...

The socks are pretty.

I just finished a great one skein capelete for Girly on the weekend and didn't even know about the Single Skein September. This is perfect since I have many single skeins.