Monday, January 08, 2007


2007 has begun on something of a sour note here at the Northern HQ of XRK. The first FO, Fibertrends Felted Clogs, has been felted beyond an inch of its life, but yet still looks like a gaping maw of boiled wool around my foot, that is, when they aren't literally falling off. They just don't fit, and didn't felt right. It adds to the sting that the lovely-and-discontinued Big Kureyon used in its creation has been lost forever, unfroggably felted.


Lots of bloggers use this first week of January to post about their resolutions, or to post about why they don't resolve. I particularly loved Ann's last post, and her always-hopeful outlook on resolutions. I liked returning to resolutions. I liked setting goals. I was also deeply inspired by the StuntFamily's 2007 Word of the Year, especially after having a leisurely morning-into-afternoon with the amazing Stuntmother herself.

Lots of bloggers are committing to Knitting from their Stash. Not for me. I made peace with my stash through the SoSKAL. I'll knit from the stash, for sure. And I'll buy more yarn too. So there.

I considered making 2007 a year for lace, so I cast on Icarus. And managed to screw it up countless times.

I'm returning yet again to frog pond...thank God for lifelines.

Maybe I should make 2007 all about color. Lolly's beginning Project Spectrum 2.0, and the first PS was truly inspirational for me.

Keefely mittens. Way too big. Let's call it a swatch and start over.

The life-resolutions began to stack up too:
- eat more fruit and vegetables, more organic and local, less processed food
- wake up earlier
- listen more, talk less (don't laugh)
- make breakfast every morning for Mr S
- organize the family photos
- remodel the master bath
- more family adventures

And at the same time, I began adding obligations to the calendar, dates already committed. I got Rosebud and Pepe to school. I kept up with the groceries and the cleaning and the errands and the never-ending laundry. I contended with a three-year old son caught up between being a baby and being a big boy, all dissonance and disorganization, wanting the softie all day but wanting to cross the street without holding my hand. I wrote thank you notes and put away the fragile ornaments and fancy silver of Christmas. We changed banks and updated our insurance and planned home renovation projects. I ate more fruit.

All this left little time for much knitting. And with every project, I struggled.

As the to-do list became longer and the knitting became less and less satisfying, it became clear. I have enough responsibilities in my life. I don't want knitting to be another one, another category of obligation.

So in 2007, I will let knitting be the place for whimsy in my life. I will cast on whenever I feel like it, for whatever I want. I will finish. Or not. I will buy yarn when I want. I'll knit some socks. Some mittens. Some sweaters. I'll challenge myself, except when I crave the simple. I'll knit some gifts. I'll probably design a bit.

But I will not be responsible if I don't want to be. I don't want to achieve. I just want to knit.


Sally said...

Right on, girlfriend. While I think that most knit-alongs are fun, and setting goals is a noble venture, knitting (and creating in general) need to remain fun; knitting is a respite for most of us. It shouldn't be about "should" or "ought to". It should be about "this is what I feel like making right now". So there.

And yes, that swatch I made was for a knitted sweater. Tee hee hee, I feel so grown up!

iSeL said...

Good for you! I find myself frogging so much when I feel like I HAVE TO finish something.
Knitting should be a our escape; never another chore.

Teresa said...

With our knitting sometimes we feel obligated - we should knit this person a gift. I have this yarn I should use. I started this sweater it should be finished. However knitting is a hobby and what we do to relax ourselves and we should feel that it is okay to cast on for any project when we feel like it. Knitting is not a household chore. Thanks for the reminder

Ann said...

I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on "talk less" ... (hee, hee)

My friend, I did forget my cardinal rule about resolutions -- dump them if they don't work for you (hey, maybe that's why I dump the eating healthy thing anytime a chocolatey dessert walks through the door). Knitting as whimsy ... Love it.

How about cutting up those boots, stuffing them, and sewing them into some whimsical shape for the kids?

Anonymous said...

I'm also finding that "squeezing in" knitting is causing me some stress, as I explore other things--and my life is just simply more busy now that I'm in New York. I need to start taking the pressure off myself!

Dave said...

That's so sad about those clogs. But I like your "resolution" -- this is a hobby, and it's supposed to be fun. If it isn't fun, don't do it. Yes!

Dorothy said...

Good plan! I've joined Project Spectrum to challenge other skills mostly, but the knitting will fall into it too. I don't think I will confine myself to only the three chosen colours though. I'll more than likely have another project or two on the needles at the same time.

Ashley said...

Now THAT is a good resolution. I will have to resolve that too--as it will be the perfect justification for my magpie ways. ("ooh! That yarn is shiny! Let's knit something with that! Oooh--and that one's so soft! Oooh ooh ohh! Cables! Pretty cables!")

diana said...

Great approach, ma'am!

As a yarn store employee, I am officially against knitting from one's stash, but as a knitter I really should do more of it. I guess. Not that I ever seem to.

But I'm with you - why impose rules on yourself for something so fun?