Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Next Generation

Both of my children knit.  I am not entirely responsible for this, my at-home influence is fortified by their school experience - they attend a Waldorf school where handwork is part of the curriculum for every grade.  In fact, I didn't even teach my oldest to knit, that duty fell to my dear friend, Martha, who has infinitely more patience than I.  

My  youngest putting the finishing touches on a crocheted purse for her American Girl doll.

I love to see the girls sizing up projects or just impulsively picking up the needles and knitting.  They appreciate a well-written pattern (with good pictures) and, at ages 6 and 9, can browse in a yarn store with the most hardened yarn addict.

N browsing intently in a yarn store in Bergen, Norway.

I already have summer projects waiting for them.  It may take them until next summer to finish, but they are excited and motivated.  

Am I selfish to feel pride when my children thrill to the same experiences as I do?  Would I feel the same sense of satisfaction if they picked up fishing or pottery?  I choose to think that I would.  However, the truth is that I am thrilled to have a shared interest and hobby so that, every now and then, I can escape from that constant supervisor/manager/disciplinarian role and become a knitting buddy.  A friend.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

i heart you

I had the pleasure of test-knitting i heart you for Mandy at Zigzag Stitch. It's a seamless colorwork yoke sweater, and I fell in love with it the instant I saw Mandy's original on flickr.

It is a little big on Rosebud -- I chose to knit it in the fourth size, ensuring extra ease in this close-fitting sweater. I knit much of this sweater during Philadelphia's April heat wave, and I wanted to make for damn sure that she'll be able to wear it next Fall. Also, Nature Spun is not exactly next-to-the-skin soft, so it will definitely require an extra layer underneath it to stave off the itchies.

I've knit some colorwork before, but I think this is the project where I finally got the hang of two-handed colorwork. My gauge is extremely tight in stranded knitting; I had to go up to a US5 needle to get gauge, and I had to learn how to catch floats (thanks, Mandy, for pointing me to this video) on some of the rows. I now feel ready for more colorwork, and coupled with the fact that my stash now overflows with Nature Spun in every shade of blue and purple, I will have plenty of inspiration!

Mandy just released her pattern for sale via her website and Ravelry, so go check it out!

Just in Case ...

I find this tremendously funny.  David R. Castillo, you are brilliant.  Pattern is here.