Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rockin the Holiday Bazaar

I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed here at Holiday Bazaar Central. The big event is on Saturday (from 10 to 3 at the Richmond Waldorf School, get yer butt down here and make some holiday cheer!).

I'm the co-chair and the BackBou is cooking lunch for about 250. But just so you know, all the stress of getting ready hasn't stopped the universe from hurling other things our way -- back problems for me, a heavy work load for the BackBou, and an unexpected MRI for N tomorrow.

I like having a handle on things. I have been called a control freak before. Many times before. Many times today. We're at the point where I need to trust my coordinators and surrender to the unexpected but I find this hard to do. Really, really hard to do. So instead, I will be popping some ibuprofen, cracking open a non-alcoholic beer, and staying up late getting my s@*# together.

I am going to get the vendor check-in clipboard ready, the set-up check-lists ready, the clean-up check-lists ready. I am going to schedule when we're packaging up the daffodil bulbs and making the peanut butter sandwiches. I will double-check our table requirements. I am going to figure out how to build temporary fencing for the pony rides. I am going to tell King Winter and Jack Frost that they must help hand out free CFLs as well as announce all the story times and the raffle drawing. And I will not forget trash bag liners. I'm in the last half of the marathon and I am not going to bonk.

I can do this. This Holiday Bazaar is going to ROCK.

Here are my knitted items to add to the RWS Craft Table ...

Patterns: Giant Jester Stocking and Chubby Stocking from Christmas Stockings
Yarn: O-Wool Classic
Needles: US 8s
Pattern Mods: The Giant Jester was fine until the toe. Here is N showing the stocking after I ripped out the toe. It was too tiny and looked ridiculous.

I actually ripped out all the way back to the gusset and decreased every 4 rows until the toe and then once every 4 rows and then every other row. With my gauge and yarn, it was more in proportion.

The Chubby Stocking was modified in that I used only two colors (using up stash my friends!) and I used a garter stitch instead of reverse stockinette.

I knit some Harry Potter Sweater ornaments from Charmed Knits. So delightful!! I'll be knitting more of these for family presents. I lost the ball band for the yarn -- it deeply discounted at The Yarn Lounge. Very scratchy and the dye came off in my hands. It was just fine for the ornaments. I'm sure I'll find the ball band as soon as I hit post ...

R felted some Cherry Tree Hill wool (they have just incredible colors) into ball ornaments.

And the BackBou and N worked hard to felt this beautiful Blue Bird ornament. Although the BackBou wanted to charge $200 for this, it will be sold for $3.50.

And don't forget those stocking ornaments from September that I knit ahead of time!

I am so ready.


Violet said...

good luck! everything looks wonderful.

...and isn't it a bad time of year for us, uh, control enthusiasts? i'm repeating, "let go, let go, let go" under my breath constantly.

Liz K. said...

Holy crap! No one can maintain their mellow with all that you have going on. And you didn't mention a certain, ahem, BIG DAY for you either.

You're going to do great, and the bazaar is going to be a huge success, I know it. You are the wisest person I know, so I am sure you'll make it through it all with reasonable aplomb, sanity mostly in tact, and that with singular grace that only you possess.

Sally said...

I think the BackBou should charge $200 for the bluebird. It is a work of art.

That being said, so are all the gorgeous things that YOU made! I need to get my butt in gear...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Annie. Hang in there, and ask for what you need -- you know how the RWS community rallies. And all it means is you'll be getting back a bit of what you've given. Ask. I'm sorry you're hurting. And ... MRI for N? I'll be sending good juju. -- tina

Bridget said...

Wow, you do have a lot going on! I hope things go well, not just at the bazaar, but for your family.

I think if I lived close enough to be there, I'd buy one of everything you showed - especially that bluebird, which I just love!

Anonymous said...

You are indeed ready. Good luck at the bazaar!!

Anonymous said...

rock the house, girl!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic holiday knits! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That bird ornament is $3.50??? That's a total steal!! What am I missing? I would pay at least $10 for that.

Everything looks great, in fact.