Thursday, April 03, 2008

Four Skeins of Malabrigo

Remember last fall when I ducked out of the Second Wave Clapotis KAL? Well, I ended up with four yummy skeins of Malbrigo Stone Crop in the stash. One became a Coronet. One a Koolhaas. One skein was sent to China in a care package for my good friend who is working in Beijing trying to get ready for the Olympics.*

That leaves one skein left. No problem. Baby hats! With my last cozy skein in the stash, two boyish hats were a breeze.

Pattern: Earflap Hat from Knitting for Baby by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas
Yarn: Malabrigo Stone Blue
Needles: US 7s
Notes: Easy, fast and just the best hat. I made the larger size so he can wear it (I hope) for a number of years.

I love this book. If you are a beginning knitter, the directions are precise and sufficient. If you are an expert, you'll love how beautifully simple the designs are -- not too fussy but easy to embellish if you wish.

Pattern: improvised
Yarn: Malabrigo Stone Blue
Needles: US7s
Notes: This hat is for a new cousin in Minnesota. It's a simple 2x2 rib that decreased by letting the ribs collapse into each other to become 1x1 at the top. It won't fit him for long, but that's fine. I have a sweater planned for the fall ...

I've always had a problem with pompoms, but I followed the excellent directions in Knitting For Baby and did a fine job on this one!

*An interesting side note: The Chinese government has censored XRK. My friend cannot read our blog. Huh? I couldn't recall any of us saying anything particularly revolutionary or anti-communist. But since we've been censored anyway, please take a moment to read this. Then, if you are so moved, click here and take action.

There. Now we can be censored!


Teresa said...

It isn't just XRX that is blocked by the Great Firewall, but all of blogger.
The University of Toronto has developed a program to allow people to get around the firewall, called psiphon. More information on it can be found here It goes around the firewall by making connections to computers in uncensored areas and these surf the net for you.
Your friend might be able to get around the issue as well by using feed readers

Elspeth said...

When I lived in Egypt, I tried to join the webring "Bad Girls Who Knit." It was blocked from the internet over there, and if I added the code to my site, my blog was blocked too! Even now, it still gets my goat.


Suzanne said...

Hooray for babies! hooray for warm head! and a HUGE HOORAY for Malabrigo!

Ann said...

Thanks Teresa! I'm going to pass along the information ...

Octopus Knits said...

Great hats... and link!

Anonymous said...

Adorable hats and a great use for Malabrigo. But then again, what isn't? :-D

Poor Blogger is being internationally abused! Hope you friend can get to your site using Psiphon.

Anonymous said...

Great hats! Oh well about being blocked. At least we can enjoy your blog!