Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simple but Soulful

When we simplify life, we must prioritize.

Instead of reading dozens of blogs, paring down to a few cherished gems. Those that bring me wonderful patterns, knit-friends, or deep soulful inspiration.

My knitting lately has become less of a production and more of a meditation.

Watching the loops on the sticks stack one on top of another until they take shape and form.

Projects are chosen more mindfully. Less multi-tasking, more monogamy. Slower. Less. More soul. Less obligation. More joy.

Time is spent deepening enjoyment in each activity. The knitting can stop and wait for food, family, and friendship.

So I will choose carefully. I will try to re-engage with my Ravelry, update my page with my recent small, wonderful projects. And I will knit as if I had 100 years left to live as well as if I had only one day.

Tomorrow we head up to Washington, DC, to celebrate. To bask in the collective, joyful energy of millions of our neighbors and friends. Please take some time to spread some kindness, serve your community, slow your life down, or deepen your experience on this earth.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

lucky you, going up to see history being made!

I watched the HBO presentation of the "we are one" concert this afternoon; just stirring and thrilling!

I am "phillygirl9654" on ravelry; please friend me!

Liz K. said...

You and I are in the vulcan mind-meld of transition right now. This is exactly where my mind and my knitting are.

Anonymous said...

All wonderful thoughts.

Have a great time. Be safe and bask in the times.