Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Two Months Of Update!

Having resolved to Knit Less in 2009 (and blog a lot less -- hello, two months since my last post), most of my knitting projects are short on ambition, but long on satisfaction.  Since my last big project, I made a lot of simple, little projects, all of them gifts, almost all of them from stash.  

Here's the first: one simple yet stinkin' cute sweater for the daughter of my dear friends Andrea and Tanya whom we visited in May in Providence.

This sweater took less than a week to make. A yoked sweater knit in the round in a rich red color, it's all about the simple. But those owls have such an impact! They are adorable without being ducky-bunny twee. It makes a unique statement in a world of boring baby sweaters. The biggest challenge by far was the buttons. Joann's did not have 30 matching buttons, and being a lazy, impatient sort, I did not want to wait for a new shipment, look online, or go to yet another store. The simplest solution, one inspired by Kristy, was to go with different colored eyes, so I simply gave one owl dark blue eyes, while the rest are light blue. It is a quirky, individual design element, which is the Whole Point of Handmade Items, no?

I used one of my very favorite baby yarns, Mission Falls 1824 Wool (machine wash & dry! awesome rich colors! 50% off at my LYS!), and used only 3 skeins despite its total crap yardage. Baby Sami, 6 months old, is growing like gangbusters, so I made her about a one year size so she can be warm and owly this winter in New England.

The next sweater was an impulse knit, for my lovely and adorable baby niece, Lila. She has already received and promptly grown out of her first Aunt Lizzie knit, so it was time for another. Some stashed Cotton-Ease and leftover Katia Jamaica combined into yet another Baby Surprise Jacket, this one about a one-year size as well. San Diego babies need sweaters all year round, so I don't really need to worry about the size, and this jacket just makes me happy to look at. I wasn't a confident or experienced knitter when my daughter was a baby, so I have a feeling that Lila will be the recipient of much knitted cuteness from me.

Remember that meme on Facebook, where you agree to make something for 5 people, and they agree to make the same offer?  Here's the knitted stuff I made for some of my FB friends.

L to R:  Fetching Mitts, Green Thumb Mitts, Crocheted Market Bag

But the crazy has snuck back into the crafty life, with my entire creative time being eaten by the Queen Sized Ripple Blanket of Crochet Insanity.  

I love it.  I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove it.  But it is going to be So.  Big.

I'm using Tahki Cotton Classic and an F hook, and it takes almost 45 minutes to complete one color stripe.  I made a tragic error by making it just a little too wide so that one ripple uses about 28 grams of yarn, leaving me about 3 grams short of a second complete ripple.  And much of the yarn I am using is discontinued TCC colorways bought as Webs grab bags over the years, so there is no supplementing with additional skeins for a lot of the colors.  Which means lots of leftovers.  Gah!  

After a great deal of individual attention, it looks like I'm almost halfway done.  But it's getting big enough to be unwieldy, and it requires too much yarn to take on vacation, so I will be putting down the hook periodically and getting back to the pointy needles as I spend most of the rest of the summer on the road:  Baltimore, Vermont, the Chesapeake, and many, many days down the shore.  


anne marie said...

oooooh, it looks better on a bed! rosebud will certainly like that!

Kristy said...

I'm glad you went with the different colored buttons. They're fun :)

Your blanket is going to be huge! It's looking great.

Ann said...

I can't believe that this is knitting less! You are amazing! I think there is a little girl across the street who needs that owl sweater - I'm going to put it on the queue ...

And as the recipient of the Green Thumb Mitts, I give them two big green thumbs up!

Paige said...

Gah! The owl sweater is adorable! I love the ripple blanket too but being only 60% finished on my Lizard Ridge Afghan...I feel your pain!

Sally said...

I'm in love with the owl sweater. Everything else is adorable too (as if I'm surprised!). That blanket will be a keepsake for years to come. Hang in there!

Sarah said...

Such cute baby knits! I must make one of those owl sweaters. Too adorable.

And my goodness, that blanket is going to be huge! I have a solution for your leftovers -- just make another, matching, blanket, in a slightly smaller size.

teabird said...

Fetching is especially - um - fetching. I've been on the fence about knitting it. Hmmm.

nova said...

Oh, Liz! The next time you are in Providence, or there abouts, let me know! We are only 45 minutes away and I don't mind driving to see you! Also, the double hued eyes were definitely the way to go.

Robin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the BSJ! What terrific colors!

tiennie said...

This is a great update of all your fantastic projects! Been wondering what you've been up too!