Thursday, March 02, 2006

Project Spectrum

A case of the right thing at the right time, I decided to join Lolly's Project Spectrum, my first official Knit-Along. This is my kind of KAL, as participation is very loose. And since finishing Jules, all I want is color, color, color!

The color for the month of March is red and pink. And damn! Do I have pink projects planned? Yes I do! First, I need to finish Mr. Science's Man Socks, and then onto the following:

- pink koigu socks -- I am thinking Pomatomus socks, but is still up in the air
- pink Blue Heron wrap -- Ruffles and Ridges is the winning pattern!
- pink Kimono Angora gloves -- based on an Ann Budd recipe
- red Alpaca Silk hat for Dulaan (I think)

I would love to have some photos of gorgeous yarn for these projects, but as we are in the thick of the dreaded "wintry mix" here in Philly, the pics are coming out terribly! Instead I will treat you to some formerly finished objects in both red and pink!

Here and There Cables Scarf from Scarf Style
Knit in KnitPicks Alpaca Silk, Cranberry color

I knit this scarf in Fall 2005 for my brother in anticipation of his winter trip to Russia to adopt his daughter. I chose red because my brother is a red person -- who wears red Chuck Taylors to every wedding, and last Christmas he had asked for a red woolen scarf. Also, I loved the idea of having a photo of my red knitted scarf in Red Square! I know I am about 15 years too late for the true Red Scarf=Red/Commie thing, but I liked the parallels, and what a photo op! This scarf was ultimately a tedious knit, as it took me forever to finish, but the finished product is almost mesmerizing to both look at and feel. I chose this super thick, super sumptuous scarf in super-warm alpaca and silk thinking that he's need something very warm in the winter in Sakhalin.

Alas, they still have not gotten the go ahead to travel to Russia to go get her.


Mo said...

The scarf is gorgeous. I know you worked forever on this tedious project. I can't beleive they haven't got go ahead yet. You deserve you photo op even if they go in August. Has he seen it yet?

Can't to your pink/red creations!

Liz K. said...

I gave him the scarf this December and he loves it. He falls into the category of "appropriately grateful recipient of the handknits." His wife got a pair of Jaywalker socks in Trekking XXL too.