Friday, March 03, 2006

Sasquatch Socks

Sasquatch Socks -- Finished!
Pattern based on garter rib pattern in Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, but using Wendy's Toe-Up Socks Technique. Yarn is handspun virgin wool from the Wooly Sheep in Maryland. I had a flyer with information on it, but cannot put my hands on it. I serendipidously bought this yarn over Christmas when the family and I visited Brandywine Museum, and the folks from Wooly Sheep were one of many excellent vendors of all things handmade.

After swatching, I decided to knit it on US3s, which was a fortuitious choice, as Mr. Science has size 13 feet, and these were a surprisingly quick knit. I did knit the toes and heels on US2s to reinforce these areas a little. This was also the first time I used EZ's Sewn Cast-Off, and am in love with this technique. Not too fiddly, and a great stretchy cast-off for toe-up socks.

I named them Sasquatch Socks because, obviously, Mr. Science has big feet, but also because this yarn was wonderfully rustic and these socks have a real outdoorsy, classic handknit look. Mr. Science complains that he can never get socks that fit, and he does love them. Let's thank him for modeling for me!


Ann said...

Thank you Mr. Science! Now Liz, you must photoshop those pictures before we think that Mr. S has some purple skin disorder!

The socks are great -- I think I would like socks knit with this yarn as well. Damn well I might from the sound of it! Good yarn purchase ...

Mo said...

Sniff, sniff. You are conjuring old memories of elementary school in the mid-70s when I towered over all the other kids and I had a terrible nickname that I just can't repeat.

Nice work Liz (on the socks, not at making me cry).

Liz K. said...

Well, I was trying to get Josh's hairy legs in the picture to add to the BigFoot feel, but unfortunately, I do not have PhotoShop. You are stuck with my amateurish photography on our gray days of late winter.

Oh, Mo, take it from Shrimp, Peanut, Bite-Size, Little Lizzie, I am sorry if I brought up all those memories of deviating from average height. Just don't ask me how's the weather down here.