Monday, May 29, 2006

Liz's Big Trip Back Home; Notes on the XRK Summit

It's hard to know what's home anymore. I live in Philadelphia, where I lived from the age of 4 until college, and now back again for (almost) one year. My family is here, my memories of childhood are here, and I think I have always thought of myself as a Philadelphian.

But then there is Richmond. I lived there my entire adult life (until this last year). I have a family there too -- a family by choice, my family of friends. I have memories there -- falling in love, my entire teaching/library career, being a twenty-and-thirty something, my babies were born there...

And so for the first time since moving last summer, we all went back to Richmond to see our dear, dear friends, and have our XRK Summit! Ann, Mo and I enjoyed a fine pastry and coffee at CanCan, and then headed to the Yarn Lounge for a little fibery encounter.

I'll let Mo and Ann report on their take, but here's mine. This was my final stash enhancement until September, so this was an important shoppping trip. Yardage was crucial. Forethought, a requirement. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be without yarn for gifts, anticipated small projects, and also wanted to purchase some yarn that my own PA LYS does not carry. Thus, my take was:

- 3 balls Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I think my LYS might carry this, but this is for a baby girl to be born in August to two very dear friends, and my gracious hostesses for the weekend. What baby girl doesn't need a purple sweater?

- 2 hanks Louet Gems Opal in charcoal grey. Sport weight washable and dryable sock yarn. Man socks for Mr. S. Even if I don't knit these this summer (and it is unlikely that I will), this is a worthy addition to the stash, as this yarn is not available at my LYS, and I will not knit for Mr. Size 13 with anything lighter than sport.

- 1 hank Euroflax Linen. For the Mason-Dixon hand towels. Re-doing the powder room this summer.

- 1 hank AllHemp's Hemp for Knitting. It's hemp. 'Nuff said.

- Leigh Radford's One Skein -- stashbusting projects galore.

I did manage to select the perfect road-trip knit: Knee Socks for Rosebud in Cascade Fixation. Will give particulars when I finish them, but look how much I got done!

Richmond was truly a sight for homesick eyes, and being embraced and welcomed home by my family of friends was the perfect pick-me-up for both Mr. S and me, who have been awfully lonely for them since moving to PA to pursue his dream career and be with my family. We ate in our favorite restaurants, dipped our toes in our beloved James River, checked on the tree we planted with Rosebud was born. We looked out the windows and saw all those familiar sites, drove past the intersection where Mr. S. proposed. It was wonderful, every minute, knowing that Richmond is, and will be, the same, with or without us, and yes, we can go home there.

But being here, in our home, here in the suburbs of Philly about which I relentlessly complain, each of us falling into our very own beds last night in our charmless suburban colonial? It too was home.


Dorothy said...

They say that home is where the heart is. I have always found that a heart is a very large critter and home is here and there and sometimes in that place too.

Liz K. said...

Oh, Dorothy, what a lovely comment. I know how truly right you are. Thanks for saying just the right thing.

Ann said...

Thank you as well Dorothy! I know my home felt lighter and happier when Liz was in town, and now, well, Richmond's just a bit emptier without you all. It was a GREAT weekend and I can't wait till we invade your wonderful PA home in August!

And I didn't love knitting the with the hemp, but I love how it turned out -- pictures soon ...

carrie said...

glad you had such a nice trip. i think we all feel a little torn about what home is. maybe home is where the yarn is?

iSeL said...

How funny that as you were posting this, I was posting about how much I want to move from VA to Philly.

But also, how nice to have 2 places you can call home.

Your list of purchases...mmm, all stuff I would like to buy.