Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rosebud's Watermelon Knee Socks

Take a picture of my feet, too, Mommy!

2 balls of Cascade Fixation
knee socks for skinny-legged, narrow-footed Rosebud
+ 550 miles in the car
Fastest socks ever!

Other project stats, if you care: knitted from toe-up using Wendy's generic pattern, short row toe and heel, EZ's sewn cast off.

Rosebud loves them and so do I -- I think I see more Fixation in my future, but after Summer of Stash! I have enough to make some tiny baby socks too.

Now to decide my car-knitting for my trip to Rhode Island this weekend...


Dorothy said...

They're beautiful! I get the "Me too! Cheeeese!!" every time the camera comes out too. :-)

Martina said...

What cute little feet you have to take pictures of!! Nice socks too!

Mo said...

Just perfect.

aija said...

So cute! Nothing better than kid feet :)

Laurie (Moo!) said...

The socks are lovely.

Tell those bare feet that they're great, too!

Have a nice trip!

Lolly said...

That is the *cutest* picture!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Rosebud -- not only does she have a beautiful pair of socks, but she also has a pair of fabulous clogs!