Tuesday, June 06, 2006

High School Hi-Jinx

I've noticed in the last day or two that there is a "Memories of High School" meme floating around on some knit blogs. I generally avoid memes, but at least felt the need to share something that happened last week (anyone bored of my stories can scroll down to knitting content...)

As you can see from the sidebar, I joined the Green Gable Knit Along. Now I'm sure readers have been wondering, "where the hell is Liz's Green Gable?" We'll get to that in a moment. Last week, though, a poster named Curlypurly posted her finished Green Gable with a cute photo of her in a black gable with elbow length sleeves. I loved the modification, and her blurb was something funny about her 3-year old causing some kind of unspeakable chaos as the pic was snapped. Then, she seemed awfully familiar to me.

Well, the truth is, I am one of those people who remembers people. I remember names, faces, both significant and chance-meeting people. It was a great skill to have as a teacher, but can be devastating when you realize that while you remember everyone, everyone doesn't always remember you...So truthfully, I recognized her right away --

It was Marnie! Marnie and I were friends in high school. Read her blog entry on the Weird Little Internet -- she encapsulates our friendship perfectly.

Of course, as high school friendships do, it ended before high school, and we hadn't seen or heard from each other since graduation day, er...17 years ago. So you can imagine the hesitation before I clicked SEND on the e-mail I sent. Even in blogland, it feels more than a little awkward to re-acquaint yourself with someone after a long long time.

But here we are now, blogging and knitting the same damn sweater simultaneously. You should see the sweater she knit for ALICE COOPER. Too cool for words.

Knitting Content:

So what did happen to Green Gable? She was done. I tried it on. Cast off was too tight. Weird bagging in the love-handle region. I must rip out several inches and re-knit the increases in the hip area. So she languishes, but will be revived this week.

In other knitting news, this post was supposed to be accompanied by a glorious picture of me in a pink party dress, standing on the porch of a cedar-shake-clad home overlooking the incredible Narragansett Bay, showing you my finished, lovely Mini-Shawl.

It rained horribly the whole time we were in RI, so no good shots. The only picture the shawl showed up in is the drinking-college-friends-with-bride shot. See?

Heads have been removed to protect the innocents. Note pink shawl, second from left.

But have no fear. The whole outfit will have its return this weekend when I have fancy dinner at fancy Philly 5 star Frenchy dinner yumminess. Pics to follow!


Ann said...

How cool is that! Finding your old high school buddy via knit blogland -- craziness!

The sliver of the shawl looks fantastic!

Dorothy said...

I really like the colourways in your shawl.

Awesome to be able to find a friend on the internet just like that.

Anonymous said...

Gotta give it to the "internets" ;-)
That is a great story!

BTW, we are deinately on the same page when it somes to the SOS along and now that I have committed myself to this it feels like I can't knit fast enough!

Marnie said...


Marnie said...

you know, i keep coming back because your chin looks JUST like it did 17 years ago.