Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wednesday WIP Report

Current Sock in Progress
: Trekking sock, US0's, slipped stitch rib pattern. It's for my sister, who has begun her masters in Envirnomental Science. Do these look sufficiently crunchy and ecological? Whaddya think, Kate?

Current Design Project
: My first design, a simple baby sundress. Gedifra California yarn. First attempt was promising, but must rework bodice. First step: find real baby to try it on.

Current swatch
Soon-to-be Current-Sweater in Progress:
Orangina on size 3s. Will swatch on size 2s to determine just how open I want the lace. Fit seems to be pretty easy to fudge with this clever sweater.

Latest Stash Busting: Sweet little baby socks in Fixation, using up most of the leftovers from Rosebud's knee socks, and my traditional post-sweater Dulaan knit. Pattern and yarn undetermined. Stash diving later.


Where is Green Gable, you ask?

DONE!! Notes later this week once I get some good photos.


iSeL said...

Go, Liz!

I did my Orangina on 2s because I liked the lace better than on 3s. Granted, it fits me like a sleeveless straight-jacket, but I love it and will probably make it again some day. It's such a great pattern.

Little, tiny socks. How adorable.

Anonymous said...

Those little baby socks are adorable. Are they just a simple pattern with a picot edge? Too cute!

Can't wait to see your Green Gables and your Orangina. I love Stefanie's patterns. They are so intuitive.

Ann said...

That Orangina is going to rock! What a beautiful pattern ... and on such small needles for a sweater ... yikes!

And yes, those are very crunchy-granola socks!

Martina said...

Cute stash socks! Love the crunchy granola socks too!

Dorothy said...

Love the baby socks! Very interested in seeing the rest of Orangina.

Anonymous said...

My eco-friends are going to be totally eco-jealous :) Thanks sissy!