Sunday, June 18, 2006

Green Gable Done

Here, as promised, are pics of my finished Green Gable.

Project Details:
Pattern: Green Gable from ZephyrStyle
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Robin Egg Blue
Pattern Mods: I spread out the waist shaping and added more hip shaping. I lengthened it by at least 1.5", and used a tubular bind-off.
Thoughts, ramblings, and lessons learned:
- Knitting from the top down is still a revelation to me. I love having tugless tops, despite the number of times I frogged the final few inches of this sweater to get it just right.
- There are numerous problems with this pattern, most of them detailed exhaustively on the Green Gable Knit Along. The main issue is sizing, and there is no schematic to help a knitter out. Believe me, I will look a lot closer at patterns and think twice if there is no schematic whatsoever.
- I did learn the the tubular cast-off for this sweater. It was not quite as fiddly as others have described it, but having mastered EZ's Sewn Cast-Off, I guess I am accustomed to casting off with a darning needle. I am not totally in love with how it looks, and I am not certain it was worth it, but it is nice and stretchy, and it is nice to learn a new technique once in a while.

Of course, the best thing about this sweater, my reunion with Curlypurly, has already been detailed on the blog. But you can read my final posting on the knit along if you are so inclined.

PS -- Sally, the full face picture is for you, girl!


Francesca said...

holy cow, but that is one fine looking piece of knitting. Well done you! Now I want to knit one too. I love the pose with the glasses and all -- I'm getting a very Betty Grable feel off it -- Grable in your Gable.

Anonymous said...

I love it and it looks so cute paired with that skirt :-)

shizzknits said...

Very nice! I finished my GG last week and I had some issues with the sizing too. Luckily I only had to frog once. :)

Erica Bunker said...

Very pretty and summery!

Marnie said...


every time i wear mine i think of you!

iSeL said...

Va, Va Boom!

It looks very pretty. Nice job.

Ann said...

I am impressed! I can't wait to try a top down project ... and wow, it's great how much you're learning about sizing -- such a struggle for me ...