Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just What the Knitting Doctor Ordered

The knitting mojo is back! Here are my first four steps to recover from a knitting slump:

  1. Find a quick knit that is useful and, preferably, beautiful.
  2. Find the perfect yarn. It should be a joy to knit. The pleasure you experience when it slides through your fingers will trigger the knit-love areas of the brain. (Note: Guilt could cancel out the pleasure, so use stash if your budget is tight.)
  3. Cast on immediately.
  4. Ignore all those around you until you finish.

    Here's what I ended up with ...

Tretta Hat by Grumperina
Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in a spring green (141)

It's just a gorgeous (and fast!) hat. I love it but it looks so much better on N so we're sharing. I needed to jump start the mojo, so I didn't get the beads. I think it looks good with or without them.

I have more mojo enhancing steps to come, but for now we at XRK would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And don't forget to visit Carol's great Thanksgiving Quiz. Ah, family.


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! Happy thanksgiving to you and yours too!

Kirsten said...

Adorable! (And the hat is pretty cute too.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mo said...

Love the color! And the cute model.

Anonymous said...

wow; I saw this on grumperina's blog; loverly on n!

you and your family have a peaceful holiday!

Suzanne said...

Hooray for self help! Your knit treatment worked.

I need to do the same on some baby knits....they have really been pileing up. I have about 4 babies to knit for and getting bigger all the time!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness! Welcome back to the knitting world. Feel the power of the yarn. :-)

Anonymous said...

Malabrigo leavings and a silly striped earflap hat work, too. And a daughter asking endless knitting questions about her own project, which is not the vast cotton vest (brown! stockinette! vast!) that I have to finish before I start anything new. Other than the silly striped earflap hat. Because somebody needs it. Might be me.

so what's next?

Chris Tolomei (alicethelma) said...

That hat is terrific! I hadn't seen it yet. Thanks for posting.

picperfic said...

that looks great, you have a pretty model there!