Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moving the Chi

Are you still having a hard time getting your knitting mojo on? Never fear my comrades in yarn! I have another tip that will get your needles clickity clacking again in no time.

If you've read anything at all about feng shui, you know that clutter and piles slow down your chi and suck the energy out of you. The dynamic between UFOs and knitting energy is no different. (I also know that toilet seats must be down in order to avoid having all the chi just plain sucked out of your home. It's about the chi not about being a picky female. Put the seat down. Could billions of toilet seats left up have contributed to our sinking economy? It's worth a dissertation ...)

So for tip number 5, finish off one, preferrably two, UFOs. We all have them. Some of us only have a few. Others contribute a UFO to the chi stopping pile every week or so. Pick the easiest one to finish up and do it! Need to add buttons? A little seaming? Need to sew in your ends? Do it now!!

Here's what I did ...

These ornaments just needed the H stitched on them. Easy schmeasy. (See Charmed Knits for pattern. This picture was actually from last year, but the three that I knit this year look exactly the same!) The chi took a baby step forward.

This baby sweater (see The Knitter's Book of Yarn) just needed buttons. That's it! One trip to TYL and bam! The UFO becomes an FO and the knitting chi is fluttering around the room.

This scarf has been lingering ever since I knit this syncopated cap. I would knit a row now and then when I felt like it but I never attended to it properly. This was my next target and I finished in two days.

The knitting chi is zooming I tell you, zooming.


Anonymous said...

at the sit-n-knit meeting tonight, I tucked in my ends and fringed a scarf. done and done.

next up - finish a holiday present for a friend this week.

next up - finish armhole and neck trim on a vest for moi.

yeah, baby, yeah!

Madge said...

Great post! I'm movin' the chi along, myself. Frogged a scarf, felted a bag this week. Now if I could just figure out how to attach magnetic snaps to my Gelato Bags life would be good.

Happy holidays to you and your family, Liz!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a knitter but I just love the words- "Easy schmeasy". It's how the holidays should be. :)

Anonymous said...

I need to start more projects so I have smaller UFO's.


Love that baby sweater. So adorable!