Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fetching ... denied

I don't usually knit for myself, but I have wanted to knit the fun Fetching pattern from Knitty ever since I saw it -- and to knit it for myself. When I found that scrumptious merino/mohair yarn from Laughing Tree Farm in Vermont, I thought, "This will be my Fetching."

Well, evidently, it won't. It is two-ply yarn and I made gauge with it doubled and I was almost (the key word here) positive that I had enough yardage. (212 yards, the pattern calls for 98 yards) However, I don't think I will have enough. I have thought about it and I won't mind frogging and knitting something else with it, but I need to let it sit for a bit first to ease the sting of it all.

Meanwhile ... I am using up some of my leftover Hemp for Knitting for a handtowel for N for the start of school. She is starting 1st grade this coming week at our local Waldorf school. I am so excited! We had our homevisit with her teacher and she is just wonderful. They will need to bring in a handtowel for when they wash their hands, so N picked out this house pattern for the bottom. The rest will be in stockinette with her name knitted into the top and a loop on the upper left side.

Maybe when I am done with this I will be ready to deal with my Fetching disappointment.


Liz K. said...

I have Fetching in my queue -- that was that ball of Cashmerino I bought on our yarn orgy. Sorry that Fetching didn't work out with that yarn, but perhaps some Knucks might work -- I think the yardage should work out as there is no cabling, or maybe just try some fingerless gloves using an Ann Budd recipe.

Good luck this week. We have kindergarten day one on tuesday.

Annie said...

What a neat thing to knit! I love the handtowel, and how special to have her name knit in.

Stacy said...

i've done the fetching pattern twice, both times using the frog tree single-ply merino. i did one in green and one in purple, both came out great, and i had plenty of yarn left over.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see the first-graders carrying their towels, I think of Douglas Adams and I smile.