Thursday, November 02, 2006

In Recovery

The Pumpkin Carving Party
Sorry for the lack of knitting news here in Richmond! The BackBou and I are still recovering from the Pumpkin Bash last weekend. It was fabulous! It is never entirely successful without Mo, Liz, and their families, but it was great nonetheless. Here are some of the numbers ...

90 adults
85 children
54 pizzas
10 pounds of onions, carmelized
8 pounds of mozzarella
3 pounds of gorgonzola
1 porch swing twisted out of the ceiling
oh yeah, and some pumpkins were carved too ...

Knitting News
I finally finished the pie man sleeves. I am starting on the front now and very worried that I'm going to run out of yarn. I only have 3 skeins left. I think it took about 3 for the back, but I'm not sure since I was using partial skeins. If I don't have enough, I'm going to unravel the sleeves and do them in stockinette stitch instead of the double moss. However, I really hope to have a finished sweater to post soon!

And I'm very interested in the sweater Liz has in the works!


Dorothy said...

Wow! That sounds like a party.

Love the sweater.

Martina said...

Holy Hannah!! Having that many come to a party would give me night terrors!! EEk!

Devorah said...

Oh no! Not another site of Pumpkin slaughter!

Liz K. said...

That sounds like the Mother of All Pumpkin Carving Parties! I'm sure it was a total blast.

I've got my fingers crossed for the PieMan sweater!

Mo said...

Sniff, sniff ... I'm so sad we missed the party. Our pumpkins are still uncarved! Keep us posted on PieMan.