Friday, November 03, 2006

Who Doesn't Need a Cape?

FO Alert! It's a girly cape done with less than one skein of Brown Sheep Nature Spun. I cast on 128 stitches on size 7s and did a couple rows in seed stitch. Then I switched to 8s, and it was off to stockinette land for eight inches. Finally, I decreased every four rows until it was time for the seed stitch again.

Mouse (my DD's new blog name) was so excited that she insisted I sew on a button from the stash this morning. We planned to go button shopping tomorrow, but the client insisted. I think we still need a new button as the one we used is really too small for the hole.

This entire project was from the mind o' Mouse. She specified the color, shape and button detail (she wants a REALLY big silver button). I can't wait to hear what's next. I'm ready!


Liz K. said...

I love this project. So cute! I love Mouse's instructions.

Anonymous said...

wow, how cute is that!

I can see liz's rosebud in this cape in her favorite color.

anne marie in philly

Anonymous said...

that's gotta make you feel good -- having mouse be so into you making something for her.

i don't have kids but i remember my mom making things for me as a kid. i'm in my mid-30s and to this day she tells me how happy it made her that i enjoyed what she made and took a real interest.

Dorothy said...

That is so cute. My Girly has been wanting a cape too.

Sally said...

Looks fabulous Mo! I am impressed. I have started several projects for my Banana, only to have them fall by the wayside. I did complete two ponchos for her last year, but they are fugly with a capital F. This is lovely, and Mouse is obviously quite pleased with it. Brava!

Maggi said...

So cute! Might have to make one for my mouse (that was my childhood nickname AND Wee C's in her China home) ~