Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Rainy Day -- Perfect for Knitting

It's a dismal, rainy day. The perfect day for me to blow off so many obligations, sit in my favorite chair, put on a new CD, and knit. But first a quick post.

Congratulations to Liz!
As many of you already know since you are readers of January One, Liz's The Shedir and the Spider is featured in the latest Yarnival issue! Liz, you are not only a talented knitter but also a fantastic writer. Not to mention a kind, compassionate soul. I am so honored to have you as one of my best friends.

I love knitters.
Love them. Earlier this week I sent Fiona Ellis (Inspired Cable Knits author) a brief email basically stating that I know you get lots of these emails, but I really love your book and hey, look at my sweater that you helped inspire and I sent her a link to Pumpkin Pie Man. She immediately wrote back -- how cool is that?

Hi Ann,
Thanks so much for your message...we do receive many messages from readers but always love to do so!

The sweater is wonderful, well done, and keep those creative juices flowing, you never know where they might lead you.

Thanks for taking the time to write.
best regards

She took the time to write me! She cares. Really folks, knitters are the kindest most supportive people that you'll ever meet. I am just sure of it.

In other news, I had a Birthday yesterday! Thirty-nine years on this planet! And now I have a ball winder and swift! Thank you my dear husband, the BackBou, who is truly the most wonderful knitting enabler (well, it makes you happy and you have something useful when you finish).

This newly wound Sterling Brook Farm yarn (from a Farmer's Market in Vermont, they mostly sell meat ... sigh) will become my offering for the Red Scarf Project.

I also have a ball of Austermann Step sock yarn "mit Aloe Vera und Jojoba Öl" thanks to my dear knitting group friends -- this stuff is so incredible! I can't wait to knit up some socks with it. Liz said that someone had knitted gloves with it -- excellent! Thanks Waldorf Knitters!

And now for some rainy day knitting ...


Mo said...

Happy Birthday, Ann!

And happy winding, too ...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday from up north of the mason-dixon line y'all!

Liz K. said...

Happy birthday, Ann! You definitely got some knitting love!

Thanks for the kudos. You know how I cherish you. We had a great talk last night. I miss you terribly.

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet gift from your husband. That is a man that understands his wife.

Anonymous said...

... when she mentioned she wanted me to get a "ball winder" I had no clue what she was talking about ... then, when I finally figured out that it had nothing to do with a vasectomy, it seemed a pretty easy request to fulfill...

Lolly said...

We have the same birthday ;) I hope yours was good! Mine was!