Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Wrapping

Every year when Christmas rolls around, I long for some snappy holiday accessory or bit of clothing to whip out and instantly exude holiday cheer. Unfortunately, I'm not keen on most of the options.

Up until now, I've relied on my red boots.

I love my red boots. This purchase was inspired by Dave Alvin (of the Blasters) after a solo club show in the late 80s. He was the coolest man alive, and he worked those red boots. They did their time in the regular rotation, now to be sadly relegated to holiday wear.

While the boots are awesome, I wanted something a little different. I decided I needed a Christmas wrap/stole/scarf to add a splash to my normal routine.
So, I introduce my 2006 Christmas Wrapping!

This wrap uses about one and a half skeins Karabella Gossamer and was knit on 17s (50 stitches across for six feet in garter). While this wrap is light as a feather, it really adds just the right amouth of warmth. My photos don't how the wrap in it's fuller state, but it's really lovely. Plus, I do love the fact that its lightness allows me to wear it as a scarf, too. To be honest, yarn was a splurge for me, but I plan on wearing the heck of this thing. Even if it is 70 degrees outside!


Liz K. said...

Oh, Mo, it is gorgeous. The perfect holiday accessory! I have been eyeing that gossamer myself...

And I love those red boots. You were and ARE the coolest.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

I, too, am knitting a HUGE sweater, but must finish by New Year's Eve (FIL). It seems SO gigantic and is, in fact, bigger than the schematic. But I have found the pattern to be a bit...wrong anyway so a lot of ease after all this knitting is okay with me! He will either wear it or not and I don't live anywhere nearby, I will never know. But here I am stuck on Sleeve Island and my friend has decided to have her baby on Thursday (if not before) rather than New Year's Day and so I take a break to knit a hat. Oh, wait, I wanted a break!

Anonymous said...

those red boots kick ass!

good on ya to wear them!

Ann said...

The scarf/wrap is wonderful and the color is just great. I have one just like that in a charcoal grey (not a holiday version) and I just love it all winter.

Hasn't the warm weather left us all a bit confused about holiday wear?

Anonymous said...

You've just inspired me to get a move on my own Christmas scarf, I'm about two thirds done and kinda thought I'd wait til next year. But yours is so pretty...I now feel a renewed sense of urgency! Thank you.