Thursday, December 14, 2006

Holiday Gifting

Just a few clarifications and answers to questions received on yesterday's post:

1. Ann, I think, misunderstood, and sympathized about my efforts to finish Mr. S's sweater by Christmas. Let me clarify, Ann. No. Freakin'. Way. I hope to finish it before Spring.

2. Yes, Minty, I did hold it up to him. Yes, it will fit. Yes, he is a broad, barrel-chested kind of man. And, no, Maria, that is not a blanket, it is the back of my husband's sweater, and yes, it is big enough to be a blanket. Perhaps I should have stuck to socks.

Moving on...

Just because I said I am making only one knitted gift for Christmas this year doesn't mean I'm not making anything. This week, I made these:

I would never want my Sit n' Knitters to be without yarn...

A project boldly stolen from inspired by this blog, I gave them to the members of my knitting group, the Montco Sit and Knit. I have never blogged about them in detail, but believe me when I tell you, this group of women (and the occasional husband who dares to hang with the fiber chicks) are some incredible people. It is not easy to show up to a meeting of total strangers, but as most knitters, they were a welcoming group. I quickly found out that not only had I discovered a diverse group of talented, passionate knitters and crocheters, but I also found my first friends in Philly.

They are, as individuals, everything I like about people: irreverent, a little ribald, often subversive, and incredibly encouraging of me, both personally and in my knitting. After our summer of partying together in each others' homes and backyards, we went from being co-knitters to good friends.

Merry Christmas, y'all!


Ashley said...

I LOVE those ornaments! I saw them floating around the blogs and instantly decided to make them--only to realize that I have no RL friends who would really appreciate them. Lucky you, for having a whole bunch!

And--finish the sweater by Christmas? Ha! hahahahahaha! Hee! *wipes tear from eye* Ha! I have nothing but admiration for your kniting abilities, but that is One. Big. Sweater.

Anonymous said...

I love the ornaments and am going to have to steal your stolen idea!

Anonymous said...

phew! on the sweater. and squee! on the ornaments. i've never seen that before, and they're totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

awwww, honey chile, y'all said some kind things about my little group (blushes).

no, it is I who should be grateful for all y'all. the group would be nothing without youse guys (philadelphian for all y'all).

and yes, the ornaments ARE lovely!

anne marie in philly
founder & fearless leader
montco sit-n-knit

Anonymous said...

I wish I had IRL knitting friends to steal your stolen idea!

Anonymous said...

Those ornaments are fantastic! Everyone needs to have more fiber in their lives! LOL!

iSeL said...

Your ornaments look so pretty. I can't stop looking at mine.
So nice of you to make them for the group!

Tania A said...

You used the word ribald.

You are awesome.