Saturday, April 21, 2007

Three Stages of Knitting


Strawberry Clutch by Kate Gilbert in Spring 2007 Knit Scene. Used Cascade 220. Actually made two. Why not?


Bad Penny by Stephanie Japel in Louisa Harding's Nautical Cotton.


Crazy Freak Out sweater. It was just wrong.


Liz K. said...

So long to bad FOs, I say. The yarn deserved better than the Crazy Freak Out Sweater, but aren't you glad that we have the blog to have it recorded?

Anonymous said...

The trifecta of knitting.

It may not always be great stuff but it's the "Circle of Yarn".

Cute bag!

Violet said...

your strawberry tote looks great! i just cast mine on the other night. it's such a quick knit, i might have to make two as well!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like progress on all counts! (Even if the frogging may not have felt that way at the time....)

Anonymous said...

cute strawberry bag!

your azaleas are in bloom - lucky you! ours north of the mason-dixon line don't even have buds yet!

anne marie in philly

Sarah said...

Hehe. "It was just wrong" is my favorite explanation for abandoning projects.

Anonymous said...

Cute bag! I like the color you chose for bad penny too.

Ann said...

I'm just having a chuckle thinking up words to a "Circle of Yarn" song ... very funny Laurie!

I am so pleased to see the frogged sweater. Not that I minded the freak-out sweater, but it's great to see your courage to make the yarn be the best FO it can be ...