Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Queue

Breaking SoS KAL news: The 2007 SoSKAL has morphed into the Summer Stash-Out. Contact Leigh if you are interested. Thanks for hosting, Leigh.

As promised, here's the planned queue, with details:

Row 1, L-R:
1. Reynolds Mandalay for Simple Knitted Bodice. This yarn started its life as Cozy at some point in 2005. The pattern, while lovely, bored me to tears, so I frogged it. Thus, over 2 years in stash.
2. Classic Elite Flash for a skirt for Rosebud. This yarn was purchased at a sale at Lettuce Knit (no website) in Richmond and was knit into Soleil. These 4 skeins are the leftovers. This yarn has been in stash for 3 years, at least.
3. Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for a Baby Surprise Jacket. This is actually kind of sentimental. This is a bunch of odds and ends leftover from various baby sweaters, but a lot of it is from the very first sweater I ever knit, since frogged, a baby sweater for Rosebud. Stewart recommended I make "the Hand." I have since made it two other times, and because of it, I have sworn off intarsia. Forever. Anyway, the BSJ is intended for the recently born son of a certain knit blogger that I have known for over 20 years. Marnie, if you are reading, surely you won't mind a long stashed, recycled yarn BSJ for your darling boy, will you?

Row 2, L-R:
1. Tess SuperSock and Baby: This yarn really just represents the socks I plan to knit this summer. My goal is to knit 5 pairs this summer. Some patterns on the horizon include Leyburns, Wildflower socks, and of course, Nancy Bush, as well as some man socks -- see below. Newly acquired.
2. Green Mountain Spinnery Sylvan Spirit for the next XRK KAL -- our first Yarn-along! I am planning a Rusted Root. I can't wait to see what y'all decide to make with this stuff. I'm not sure Rusted Root is the right pattern, but I'm going to try. Newly acquired.
3. Katia Jamaica for a dress/tunic for Rosebud. This is my current WIP, and my latest design. More details to come. This yarn has been in stash for about a year.

Row 3, L-R:
1. Brooks Farm Primero for Shetland Triangle. I am a little concerned that I do not have enough yarn to make it large enough...I am willing to take some suggestions for this one. Newly acquired.
2. Brooks Farm Acero for Man Socks. There are certain men in my life who seem to be desiring the handknit socks: my father-in-law, my brother, and as always, my beloved. I hope to knit a pair of socks for at least my FIL and my brother, and maybe my hubby, but he has gotten a lot of the knitterly love this year. Newly acquired.
3. Touch of Twist Alpacas for shawls. My SIL has requested a shawl. I am itching for lace. There just might be a Spring Things shawl in the works, and maybe an Ene's shawl too. Newly acquired.

So, it works out to:
2 tops for me
2 projects for Rosebud
bunches of socks
3 lace shawls
1 baby jacket

Ambitious, perhaps, but inspirational, all the same. Don't forget to leave suggestions for the Primero in the comments.


Liz K. said...

I am having trouble with my comments.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's quite a list. Looks like you won't be sleeping much.

Anonymous said...

(trying again)...nice plan! you've got a great variety there. 5 pairs of socks? i don't even dare to say i'd get that many done over the summer -- but i know you can!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, this seems completely reasonable to me!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your progress on all these projects!

Christie said...

Look at you! I should join that. I'm wanting to knit up some of the remnant yarn I have into a throw or something very striped. Besides that, I really can't afford to buy any yarn! Thanks for the link...I think I just talked myself into it.

You are ambitious, but with summer knitting, things tend to be smaller and go quicker. I'm be excited to see your progress!

Mintyfresh said...

Wait. This is all just for ONE summer? You are one ambitious and/or speedy knitter! I hope to finish three things (the swallowtail, the bandeau, and maybe Sahara) and I'm feeling like that's enough to aim for :) Everything sounds great, though!

Madge said...

I laud your inspiration and focus!

As for the Primero, a friend of mine made Evelyn Clark's Cocoon scarf with it. It is gorgeous. (

Dorothy said...

That is an ambitious list, but full of interesting knits. You won't lack for stimulation or for comfort knits.

For the Primero, what about the one skein shawl at Lettuce Knit? They used one skein of Handmaiden Seasilk, but I bet you would have enough to finish it.

eyeknit said...

Thank you for pointing me to the Wildflower socks! And, here I thought I've seen every possible sock pattern published on the web...