Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Blessingway Blanket

How do you help prepare a friend for a birth?  Advice, baby paraphernalia, a pre-natal massage?  What if your friend is having her third baby?  And is an experienced home birther?  And is a doula?  What then?

Well, this was the conundrum for a group of us women who are friends with Melissa.  Something different was needed at this Blessingway.

Something to thank Melissa for all that she has given.  Something that would represent in a small way her strength, intuition, beauty, and deep love.  Something that might fortify her for labor but also wrap her in the love of her soul sisters during those difficult hours with a newborn.  

So each friend who could knit (and even some who couldn't) picked up needles or crochet hook and made a square ... or several ... and presented them to Melissa at her Blessingway - the squares infused with our thoughts, wishes, prayers, and blessings.  The room just glowed with love and joy.

The squares were arranged and rearranged and then handed off to me.  I seamed, joined, and bordered.

The blanket is now home.  Wrapped around a new little person who was born joyfully at home cradled in the love of her mother and father.

Welcome Pippa!

*Many thanks to Kindness Girl for the first three photos!


Anonymous said...

Ann - it's so beautiful & you did an amazing job bringing all that love together!

Anonymous said...

what a thoughtful gift for both mom AND baby!

so much good karma stitched into those squares for pippa!

Mo said...

What a beauty.

Liz K. said...

It is so full of love and generosity. It's a beautiful tradition, the Blessingway.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic gift! It's beautiful!

nova said...

It's the perfect gift. It will be cherished for a long time to come!