Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Icarus Finished!

With sore hands and a stiff neck, I bound off the last of the hundreds of stitches just in time.  The auction was Saturday night.  I finished knitting by 8pm Friday night, wove in my ends around 9pm, and left it blocking overnight.  Phew!  

With 1,369 Icarus projects on Ravelry, I'm not going to spend any time discussing this pattern (which is beautiful).  So let's talk about this yarn.  I LOVE this yarn.  This is lace weight cormo from Elsa Wool Company.  It is divine.  I owe many thanks to Melanie and Stewart, the grooviest yarn sellers on the planet, for carrying and recommending this yarn.

This is not a true representation of the color - the other pictures capture the silvery gray.

Cormo sheep are a cross between Corriedales and Saxon Merinos.  The resulting yarn is unbelievably soft and luxurious.  The yarn is undyed and is the natural color of the sheep.

But don't just believe me, here's what Clara Parkes has to say in her review of Elsa Wool Company's Cormo:  "Cormo is one of my favorite fibers.  It has all the tenderness of merino but with a little more character and succulence."

Succulence.  Yes.  It is delicious in the hands and on the needles and it blocks like a dream.  This is a woolen-spun yarn which means that it is spun with a core of air in the center resulting in a warm, light, and lofty yarn.  Perfect for a shawl.

Icarus made his ill-fated wings out of wax.  Make your Icarus lace feathers from heavenly cormo!


Jennifer said...

I love love love it!
Your ROCK, my friend.
"Succulent" is not a word that comes to mind initially, but okay!
Divine, luscious, luxurious... Once it is wrapped around ones shoulders, peaceful deep breaths become inevitable.

anne marie in philly said...


glad you finished just in time!

tiennie said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Wow.

Liz K. said...

The Icarus shawl is such a classic, and the silvery gray is perfect. I am always amazed at the things you make to give away. I am too damn selfish!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Beautiful. Now got get a hand massage. :-)

LaurieM said...

It's beautiful. I wish I could feel the fabric, your description makes it sound lovely.

Mo said...

Oh WOW!!! Someone will be very lucky. So beautiful.

Kristin said...

I'm so impressed! You're amazing!

Robin said...

I love cormo! So soft and squooshy. The shawl is gorgeous!