Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Deep in the Madness

No, not March Madness.  That's Liz, not me.  I'm deep into lace madness.  I committed to donating an Icarus shawl to the Waldorf school for their auction on Saturday.  Is it done?  NO.

I added an extra repeat on the main body (back when I was proceeding at a leisurely pace), so now I'm up to 427 stitches and have 40 rows before I hit the edging.  I need to be done by Thursday night because my parents are coming to visit Saturday.  I thought that I might try to clean the house Friday while the shawl was blocking.  So I think I'll be up early and late trying to bang this out.  

Good thing there's basketball to watch on TV.


Anonymous said...

Love the yarn that you picked for it. It's so lovely!

LaurieM said...

Bang out a lace shawl? Is that a contradiction? You are a brave soul and I'm rootin' for you!!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

It's now Sunday. Have you resurfaced with wrists/hands intact? Did you finish the shawl (gulp!)?