Thursday, February 22, 2007

CPH Friday

It's Central Park Hoodie Friday here at XRK, where we update you on all things CPH.

To distract you from my total lack of knitting (hence, no pics) on my CPH, I thought I would compile a list of useful links and inspiration for other CPH knitters.

Now, we know this isn't the official KAL, which you can find here. There are a ton of gorgeous finished sweaters to admire.

The pattern is printed in this issue of Knitscene Magazine.
And here is a link to the errata for the pattern.

Cara just finished hers this week, and I have been getting really excited about knitting mine after reading her adventures. Did you check out when she fixed her miscrossed cable?

Another fave of mine is Rachael's, hers in a variegated Araucania Nature Wool Chunky.

For a third, totally different look, here is Carrie's, in Cascade Sierra, which is the same yarn I used for Mr S's (still unfinished) DGE.

As for me, I am knitting my CPH using good old reliable Cascade 220 Heathers, in a purple color (#9341, garnet heather) that looks frighteningly similar to Mo's tweedy sweater. I had to go up to US9s to get stitch gauge and plan on recalculating (using Nona's Multiplier) a bit to account for a slight difference in row gauge.

Nona's also going to help me improve my ribbing. You know, as soon as I actually cast-on.

I also have enjoyed perusing all the wonderful CPHs out there in blog-land. Cara's was the one that just did me in, this is a fabulous sweater!

I've been sitting on this great stash of Maggi's Aran Tweed for almost a year now -- purchased at a great price at a LYS's huge sale -- here's a shot I took of Tina scrounging for the good stuff down on the floor.
I was able to procure 20 skeins of this wonderful yarn and I'm so happy to finally knit a sweater with enough stash to actually finish the project without ordering more. (Wait one second while I knock on some wood ...)

I am about a half inch away from the shoulder shaping on the back and am thoroughly pleased with how it's coming along!


Anonymous said...

I love CPH - I knitted 3 of them. Can't wait to see yours.

Carol said...

Oh, God, the siren call of a new project. I do have some aran weight in my staff that's been calling out for a good cable. And I need a knitting distraction like I need a hole in the head... hmm, looking for pattern now...

Damn you! Damn you and your perky enthusiasm! Damn you for sucking me in...

Carol said...

Oh, that would be "stash."
Interesting Freudian slip there.

Tina said...

Eee! Flabbergasting to be doing my Sunday a.m. blog crawl and then see my own face turn up. Crazy! Thanks for the shout-out, Annie. Miss your face, and love the work you've been doing. Amazing. Hope all's well.
Hey, did you get the mailing that that same sale is next weekend? Might see you there ... but don't post no pix from it, please. I've probably gained 20 lbs! (Did I just say that out loud?)