Monday, February 05, 2007

Where's Your Knitting?

As I spend today puzzling over how in the world I could be short of yarn (errr) for the BackBou's sweater (Spartan Pullover), here is a game for all those non-monogamous knitters out there. You know who you are: the knitters who must have one quick project, one big project, a pair of socks, a project for felting, a present about to be gifted, and a lace project all going at any given time. I currently only have 2 projects really in the works and am swatching for 2 others.

Where is your knitting?

The Spartan Pullover is by the easy chair in the living room. Did I mention that it's short on yarn? Why do I believe that I can estimate yardage when I mess with gauge? Ah, the hubris ...

The swatches for the Anemoi Hat are in the kitchen. The light is really good in there!

I've been swatching for the Central Park Hoodie in the study during TV time.

And a scrumptious mistake rib scarf in Malabrigo hangs as my knitting on the go -- doctor's offices, carpool lines, before the order comes in restaurants, etc.

I actually did some scarf knitting this weekend at the Horticulture Symposium at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. I was able to hear Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd speak about their brilliant work and their beautiful North Hill Garden in southern Vermont. Pat Reese, the assistant head gardener at Great Dixter spoke as did Carol Reese (no relation), Horticulture's Q&A expert. These speakers were fabulous and I can't wait for Spring!


Anonymous said...

Love that your knitting is all over your house. Your study is beautiful. I could knit there all day long!

Liz K. said...

Damn, your house looks awesome. I love those colors.

I love this game. I will play this week!

LaurieM said...

Let's talk about that fabulous, felted, gray bag. I apologize if it's been posted before, but I'm new to your blog. Do tell, what is it and were might one find the pattern?


Carole Knits said...

I do always have several projects going at once but they mostly all live in the big basket under the coffee table in the living room. Except for the sock project. That one lives in my pocketbook.

Mo said...

Wow, your house does look awesome. All my knitting ends up on the dining room table after TV time at night. Not very interesting!

Tania A said...

I want a home that has room for all my knitting!