Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Felted Vest and Some Samba

Anemoi Vest
I kept the faith, despite the absurd size.

The vest, she will be a beauty. In 25 minutes (taking it out every 5 minutes to check on it), the vest went from a 40in length to 24in length. I stretched it a bit after this picture to even things out a bit. It is almost dry, it's been two days of drying.

Tonight I will knit the borders, tomorrow needle-felt the triskele design on the upper back, and then hand it over to one of my unsuspecting sewing friends for the Dale of Norway pewter clasps. I'm very excited about how the vest will look at this time next week!

The BackBou and I travelled to DC Sunday to see the incomparable Gilberto Gil perform at the Lisner. He is truly one of the most incredible singer/poets alive today. He reminds me of the artistic beauty that exists in this world and how political the arts can be (he was named the Minister of Culture of Brazil in 2003, 30+ years after he was exiled from Brazil for his resistance work through music and performance). Don't let your musical tastes be "American-Idolized" people -- explore the rich, deep, nourishing, meaningful world of music beyond what the dominant American culture shoves into our ears.

If you are anywhere close to DC, try to catch the March 31st show at the Lisner with Toumani Diabate. I wish I could be there.


Mo said...

Wow, you are one dedicated knitter. That's a lot of knitting, but it looks like the pay off will be huge. Nice work.

Theresa said...

Quite dramatic!

Liz K. said...

Ann, you knitted a dress. Kudos to you! RWS better be very grateful.

Anonymous said...

holy #$%&!

it's a wonder you didn't completely lose your mind whilst you were knitting that!

but how lovely in the end to see it shrink to fit.

spouse and I used to love the birchmere in alexandria for live music. full disclosure - our first date was spent there.

anne marie in philly

Anonymous said...

That is huge! You'll have to post a before and after picture for us.

Teresa said...

Looking forward to seeing the felted item. (Not impatient just trying to get caught up on my blog reading). I don't think I have the faith in felting a vest. Felted slippers lately have been turning out a little big.