Monday, March 12, 2007

Go Knit in Your Jacket!

Readers of this fantastic blog have seen a sneak-preview of this project, but here it is in all its finished-ness!

Pattern: Unconventional Jacket, test-knitted for Carol, knitter, designer, and dyer
To be available at Rosie's Yarn Cellar at some later date

Yarn: Noro Kureyon #126

This is an incredibly clever pattern that takes perfect advantage of Kureyon. It makes a roomy, dolman-sleeved jacket for an active kid. The jacket I knitted is sized for a 5-6 year old, but my Rosebud is one tiny 6 year old. It's pretty big on her, but she will not grow out of it instantly.

It is a very different experience to test-knit a pattern, since it is your job to follow the pattern as written, and not modify it to your needs, but I loved really being detailed and forcing myself to really do things right.

I did make a lot of errors throughout the knitting of this pattern, which, while I'm sure it was annoying for Carol, I think I did truly idiot-proof this pattern! If there was any part of this pattern that was hard to interpret, I was sure to do it wrong!

But the best part of all this test-knitting has been the chance to spend Tuesday afternoons with Carol, who is even better in real life than on her blog. And have you seen her newest pattern?

Rosebud loves it too!


Sally said...

Absolutely sensational Liz!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! How fun to knit the store sample.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! She looks so happy in it.

Mo said...

Love it. So when can I get the pattern?

Anonymous said...

dang it, girl!

rosebud looks adorable!

and YOU may have found yourself a second career, a la carol!

(hint hint) can you bring it to our next meeting to show it off?

Anonymous said...

OMG - I love that! You did a fantastic job.

Susan said...

Oh, I love it! It really is a perfect way to use Kureyon's stripes to advantage. If I could find the right color of Kureyon, I bet my daughter would love one, too. (I was already thinking of knitting that Knitty pattern for her, too.)

Dorothy said...

What a great jacket! Girly would love one of those!

Ann said...

Yup. My girls each need one of these. Rosebud looks so wonderful and the jacket is fabulous! Excellent!

carrie said...

her smile is evidence enough that it's a great knit. bravo!

eyeknit said...

It looks fantastic! Now, if only there were a great adult Kureyon pattern with vertical stripes!