Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Single Skein Update

I have a few takers for Single Skein September, my little KAL for people looking to make some quick single-skein projects. I set up a Flickr group here and a Ravelry group here. Come and join me there, and feel free to invite your friends! Post about your projects, ideas, and even pics of your single skeins.

For my first Single Skein project, I am using a leftover ball of Cascade 220 from my CPH to make the Unisex Gloves from One Skein. As they are for a gift, I am making them tipless gloves so they are sure to fit the recipient. I think this is only the first of many mittens and gloves you'll be seeing from me this month.

It might be a stretch to call this next one a Single Skein project, since it takes multiple balls of brand spankin' new yarn, but I've begun a bit of a design project for Rosebud. She picked out a lone skein of pink Louisa Harding Kashmir DK last fall for a hat, but the hat never materialized. She doesn't really need a new hat, but she does need a couple of new sweaters. Her fall wardrobe consists mostly of purple clothes (thank you, H&M Kids), so I am working on a purple cropped cardigan for her, and will use the lone, stashed skein of pink as a contrast edge. Doesn't that count?

I've had more than a few false starts this week, trying various shapes, from top down raglan, to bottom-up raglan, to set in sleeves and shrug-styled, but I think I have settled on a plan for a little round-edged bolero. This yarn has really stood up well to repeated froggings, and I am quite enjoying this cashmere/merino/microfiber blend.


Ann said...

That Kashmir DK sounds great! And looks great too ... I'm very impressed with your single-skein-mindedness. Feels good to use up the stash, no?

Kristy said...

That Cascade 220 is so pretty, and the gloves look great.

The swatch looks like it will make a cute sweater. And FWIW, I just bought one skein so I could use up 3 from my stash... so I think that evens things out.

Anonymous said...

Those single skein gloves are a great idea! Can't wait to see what else you create!

Madge said...

Hey, purples! A little lavender bolero with pink trim will be totally cute for Miss Rosebud. I heart your tipless gloves, too.

I'm all signed up at Ravelry, and I've invited some friends to join us, too. Now I just have to get busy with the stash....

diana said...

I am Number 5! Love the gloves! Hand-things (mittens, gloves, fingerless gloves) are my favorite things to knit - just ask Friend Stuntmother sometime about how her Knucks sent me into an apoplectic fit!

And a little tiny bolero - how perfectly girly and cute!!