Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sometimes The Project Picks the Person

“So you know how yarn can pick the project?” says my wonderful friend Martha as she hands me the most beautiful washcloth. “Well, sometimes the project picks the person.”

Martha’s very cool daughter had declared that this washcloth was mine, not Martha’s, after it left the needles. Not one to interfere with the mysterious workings of the knitting universe, I accepted.

Washcloth ready and able to wipe off those flour fingerprints below ...

Yes, it’s true, this washcloth was destined to be mine. It looks stunning with my kitchen – the colors (She gave me the ball band, but I of course lost it. Is it Rowan?) playing off the warm, honey tones of the cabinets and contrasting with the green of the concrete counters. It is hard to get a picture of the washcloth dried because it is in almost constant use.

The colors are beautiful honeyed browns -- golden and caramel.

After a day of using it, The BackBou took me aside and said, “You know, you should knit more of these. This is great, somewhere in between a sponge and a towel. We could use a lot of these.”

Will do! I'm going out today to get my supply of washcloth yarn. Yippee!

Lovely gift #2 from Martha

And it turns out that another one of Martha’s projects picked me – a Swiffer cover. After I admired hers, she pulled one out of her desk and handed it over to me. She tells me that I’ll need two, so I’ll be starting my own soon. (They will come in handy with our sweet Luna.)

Watch out dog hair!

But will it stay with me or choose someone else?


Dorothy said...

I love my swiffer cover it makes cleaning brighter and they do a way better job than the cloths you buy.

The washcloth does look like it belongs in your kitchen.

Sally said...

I love the idea of the Swiffer cover, especially because I am NOT in love with disposable things. Perfect!! And the washcloth does indeed look lovely in your kitchen.

Christy said...

Ahh a swiffer cover! Perfect. We are trying to switch to healthier more environmnetally friendly cleaning products, so this would be great.

Anonymous said...

That is the prettiest knitted washcloth I have seen in quite sometime. And a Swiffer cover, that is genius.

Anonymous said...

What a nice gift! I really like the color of your washcloth - it's the only one that's tempted me so far to knit some.

Liz K. said...

Swiffer cover -- brilliant! I've always felt that while the swiffer is God's Gift To Wood Floors, the whole disposable sheets was a big con. And for me, the appeal of the knitted rag is that at least I can be using something handknit when chores interrupt my knitting time.

Tina said...

A swiffer cover? A suh-WIFFER cover? omigod. That is just too bizarre. So functional, yet so ... stitchymcyarnpants.

So where can I find the pattern? Because I just found my ma's Christmas gift(s).

A swiffer cover?

Leigh said...

Hi Ann! It's Leigh from the Second Wave KAL.
The Malabrigo is a fabulous makes for a super soft Clap. I'm not familiar with the color you chose, but if its one of the kettle dyed solids, the subtle variegations make for a beautiful fabric.
However, it IS sticky. I haven't gotten to dropping the stitches, but I have had a bit of trouble pulling my yarn from the center pull ball I wound. If you are willing to put up with the stickiness (as I am attempting to do), it will be absolutely gorgeous! Otherwise, I would suggest something with a bit more slip to it. HTH! :)

Bridget said...

Cool! The washcloth, yes, but I never would have thought about a swiffer cover!

Hi Luna!

Sarah said...

A knitted swiffer cover? Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Well, Tina, it *is* pretty stitchymcyarnpants...But it's where I'm at, y'know? Instant gratification baby!

I'm so flattered to have my humble little dishcloth featured on this blog. The yarn is Rowan Cotton Jeans, and it's actually prettier in person, I think.

I found the swiffer pattern here:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry--I forgot to include the dishcloth pattern: from the yahoo group MonthlyDishcloths, titled 'Bamboozled.'