Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Day Without Knitting is Like a Day without Sunshine

Thanks for all the kind word of support after my last post. Mr. S. even assured me, totally unprovoked, that my knitting would be better tomorrow.

As many of you on the East Coast are, we are experiencing days of deluges. I decided to take advantage of these rainy days, and armed with the advice of my good friends Sally and Ann Marie (these are actual friends from my actual knitting group), and put aside the knitting and pursue some other creative outlets.

I am not, at heart, a crafty person, despite the knitting obsession. I do not do lots of craft projects with the kids. I do not make all my holiday gifts. I do not sew, quilt, paint, stamp, decoupage, or scrapbook. In fact, I have been a stressed out because I have been recruited to be the craft coordinator for the monthly meeting of my MOMs club. Never mind my extreme ambivalence for the MOMs Club in general...but these ladies have really asked the wrong person if they want anything more than crayons and glue sticks. Maybe a foamie-craft. That's about as crafty as I get.

However, my general lack of natural craftiness does not keep me from hoarding craft supplies, and purchasing things with the intent of making something with them someday. So in the spirit of Project Spectrum and Summer of Stash, I decided to dig through some of these craft supplies lurking in the closet and see what I could make. The final products did require one trip to the craft-o-rama, but many of the supplies were on hand to make the following:

Ribbon belts

Top to bottom:
1 -- this was the inspiration. The ribbon is actually a vintage silk skinny tie that I bought on a vintage shopping expedition with my sister this Spring.
2 -- brown with pink polka dots for me -- please ignore my horribly wonky hand-stitching. I mean it when I say I am not crafty.
3 -- orange with white polka dots for my skinny little Rosebud. Before we went to the craft store, she declared she wanted her ribbon to be orange polka-dots, because orange is her favorite color. Was I relieved when we spotted this ribbon?!

Stitch Markers in Project Spectrum June colors (blue)

And now does anyone think that I really went a whole day without knitting?

A much improved Orangina, with much prettier stitch markers.

Knitta, please!
(scroll down to the show notes for episode 28)


Anonymous said...

I love love love those ribbon belts and isn't making stitch markers a form of dynamic meditation? Maybe I am nuts? :-)

Anonymous said...

sweet stitch markers! perhaps they will help orangina behave itself better.

and how kind of you to mention my name in your blog!

anne marie

Dorothy said...

Not crafty, eh? Looks pretty good to me!

Anonymous said...

Purdy stitch markers!