Monday, July 17, 2006

It's a Scorcher

It's been hot, hot, hot. Yesterday our home thermometer read 94. So what were our activities? Swimming in a cool pool? Chilling in the AC? Sipping frozen cocktails?How silly! Why, of course I weeded in the garden and knitted wool socks while BB baked bread and pizza ... outside.

Here is our outside bread/pizza oven that BB fusses over (he's a wonderful baker and the reason why I find it so hard to lose weight).

And here is what he produces:

Pizza, so yummy!

And his incredible sourdough bread.

Here is what I have been producing.

Lucky in Rowan All Season Cotton for BB's cousin's new bambina.

And I did have to reorganize my stash b/c it was just such a mess. So here is my new closet.

There are a few clothes smushed to the side, but aside from that, it's all yarn. I live in a small, older home with very little closet space so I think it's just a hoot that I have even less due to yarn hording!

And meanwhile, out in the garden ... I told myself that this would be the year that I would not wake up in August to find that the weeds had overtaken my garden. Well, it turns out that this is the year that I wake up in July to find the weeds have colonized huge sections of our tiny urban lot. Cukes run rampant, switch grass in all the beds, morning glory pulling down the tomatoes ...

But the stars of the garden are currently the sunflowers and the goldfinches who feed on them.

I can stand the heat when I have these companions in the garden and fresh bread on the table.


Liz K. said...

I miss you the BackBou's bread. And I have no doubt your garden is beautiful, as always!

Miss you the most.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. My husband would go nuts for an outdoor oven like that! Much fun :-)

I helped build an horno years ago and that was the primary oven that family used for cooking in the desert! So I can imagine the heat. But it sure is worth it!

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow your BB? Seems like a cool dude. Cute sweater too.

Anonymous said...

sweet outdoor oven!

next time liz visits y'all, I will give her some money to purchase a loaf of that sourdough for me. a slice of that with still my beating heart!!!!!

anne marie

Martina said...

Wow what an oven! I'm sure my husband would love one too since he is the chef of the family!

Liz said...

I, too, use a closet organizer to hold my stash -- it just works so well not to have to go digging through a box. And my stomach is now rumbling with the thought of that pizza. What would it take to get some to the Boston area in the next, oh, fifteen minutes or so? -From the Liz two above you on the Amazing Lace sidebar

ICJ said...

Yummy pizza and surdough bread! I see you are a very productive family! LOL
It is very hot in Maine too lately... I can only knit in the evening because of the heat during the day but I also happened to organize my stash, that I desperately try to reduce... It doesn't quite fit all in one box yet though... More effort to do! LOL