Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Orangina Dilemma

I finished the back piece of my Orangina top last weekend. Readers of the blog remember that this sweater caused me much angst, but with the help of some stitch markers, things went swimmingly. I still think I am incredibly stupid for making a sweater on US2 needles, but still, I persist. I really want this top. I have a skirt for it. I have the shoes for it. It is halfway through the summer, and this is a perfect summer lacy thing!

Before I cast on for the front, I took a quick measurement of the back. 16" across, for a total of 32" total once the front is finished. My bust is 35" so obviously I am concerned that this is going to be a little small. I do want some negative ease, but three inches is scaring me. I know the lace will stretch, and I do want it to be form-fitting through the torso. And since this is knitted from the top down, I would be ripping out a lot of knitting. People, I really want this top, but if I have to return to the frog pond one more time, I think it will spell the demise of Orangina. I did measure my Picovoli, which fits like a dream, and I was pleased to see the bust measurement is close to 32" around too. This heartened me, but still, I am concerned.

So I need your help. First, anyone out there knitted Orangina before? How much negative ease did you have, and was it OK? Please help me out by sharing your experiences. I did try searching the archives of the Sexy Knitters Club, and felt quite encouraged when lots of the knitters complained that the sweaters were a little big. And they looked a little bigger than I want it to be. I am looking for a form-fitting sweater.

Second, I have an idea for a fix. I thought about ways people accomodate larger busts in form fitting pieces, and the obvious answer was short rows. However, I don't think short rows are the way to go since it would interrupt the lace pattern too much. So I was thinking about knitting the bust area on US3 needles, to give me a little extra room there. This seems like an obvious solution, but I am not sure what this will do to the FO.

Any thoughts before I proceed?


Mintyfresh said...

I think you'll be fine as is. The lace will open up to accomodate, but I don't think it'll open up too much. After all, Picovoli is stockinette, so it's not even made to prettily open up, if that makes any sense.

iSeL said...

I have a 32" chest and made my Orangina on size 2 needles and 1s for the ribbing and still took one pattern repeat out (back and front). It fits like a sleeveless straight-jacket now that I have gained a couple of pounds, but I still love it.

I think you should be fine. I didn't measure mine, but it looked a LOT smaller than yours.

Dorothy said...

Go for it.

Anonymous said...

i'd be afraid that the size 3 knitting would look different. i'd be tempted to knit on as is, with the thought in my mind that i could always add a strip to the edge if i really needed the extra width. i think i'd be more concerned about making a too loose top and looking frumpy, so i'd err on the side of smaller. particularly with your picovoli measurement which should have less give than the lace of orangina. i know it's scary to knit smaller but i think we all (knitters) tend to overcompensate. go for it!

Ann said...

Liz, you know that I know nothing about this stuff. However, I don't like the idea of switching to 3s. I agree with Jody that it would show the difference. If you keep going as is, the lace will open up and Orangina will accentuate your curves -- it would be a bigger mistake to go loose, no?