Friday, July 07, 2006

NYC Trip Notes

Mr. S and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this weekend. We decided to take advantage of our proximity to NYC and spend the day on the town. Our hotel was in Rockefeller Center, and after a quick lunch and beer, we spent the afternoon at MoMA. This trip was really all about enjoying a special dinner, and there was much discussion about which restaurant to choose, and many reservations were considered, attempted, made, confirmed, and cancelled. Ultimately, we had dinner at Aquavit, which was well worth all the sturm und drang. Very imaginative food, beautifully presented, with great service. And a dinner is always successful when you find a new form a liquor to like!

Sounds lovely, idyllic, romantic. So what does this have to do with knitting? New York has fantastic yarn shops, right? Well, back in our dating days, Mr. S and I made a pact that we will never shop together on vacation. It is a long and ugly story, but it involved being in Freeport, Maine and trust me when I say we are a very happy couple for appreciating one another's differences. And of course, the Summer of Stash is keeping me out of yarn shops in general.

But never one to let my readers down, I did have one fibery encounter, in the apartment of one Curly Purly! Regular readers of this blog know that we old high school friends were recently reunited thanks to the Green Gable Knitalong. After 17 years and much water under the bridge, we had a fantastic reunion brunch, met her wonderful husband and were completely charmed by her luminous Squid. After we ate, we had a knit-chat, where I was speechless at the feat of plane geometry, the defiance of the time-space continuum that is her yarn stash in a teeny New York apartment. I got to touch her Mosaic Moon yarns up close, and take a close look at the super-cute toys she knits out of thin air. I got to see her life up close, and know my old friend and fellow blogger as a grown-up person, mother, knitter, now-friend. Thanks, CurlyPurly, for sharing your day with us, and welcoming me back into your life.

And especially thanks to Mr. S for wordlessly, willingly indulging my knitting obsession, even on our romantic anniversary day together. That's one hell of a husband, ain't it?


iSeL said...

How exciting!

Happy anniversary.
Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate it. :D

Devorah said...

Happy Anniversary! May there be many, many more.

Dorothy said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great time. The Mr. sounds like a fabulous husband.

Hannah said...

Happy Anniversary! It is so wonderful to share your life with someone who understands you!

Anonymous said...

freeport maine eh...l.l. bean, no doubt.

glad you had a good trip!

you MUST tell us about the new booze!

anne marie

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Liz! And many more!

Sounds like you had a great time in NYC.

What the heck, you could always go back for a day of yarn crawling - without the DH.

Glad you got to catch up on ALL times with your friend.

Anonymous said...

Mr. S does indeed sound like a wonderful dude. Happy Anniversary! And I'm loving the picture of you and Curly Purly.

Marnie said...

i'm still coming up to the surface from the no-school week that began with your visit. phew. it was a blast (from the past, no less) having you here and meeting your other half. can't wait to meet the other 2/4ers. my yarn is the happier for having met you, though some of it really did want to come home with you. I understand that gets close to the "shopping" thing, and had i thought it out in advance i could have wrapped it like a present and circumvented the whole question.

that's a great photo of you, me, and my chins, by the way.