Sunday, July 23, 2006

Patuxent River Trekking

Power Outage Update: Thanks for all your supportive comments regarding our power outage. We were ultimately without power for 75 hours, from Tuesday night until Friday night. Luckily, my mother had power by Thursday morning, and we took refuge with her. We also planned a visit to the homeland of Mr. S this weekend, and while we were away, we got the good news from our generous neighbors that the power had been restored.

Mr. S, the sophisticated and urbane, grew up in the very rural, fishing, crabbing and farming community of Saint Mary's County, MD, where his father and father's wife still live. This weekend, the family and I traveled along with the Trekking Blah Sock to St. Mary's and had many watery adventures. The camera was not totally cooperative, but I got some shots to commemorate this lovely trek to a lovely part of the world.

I mentioned in the last post that I had been knitting dishcloths in the darkness this week. One of them was for Mr. S's father's wife. Here is the hostess gift, take one:

Here is the dishcloth I brought. It originally held a jar of my homemade strawberry freezer jam, but with the power outage, I was not confident that it was fresh enough to give someone for a gift. And she can't eat anyting with seeds. Thus, I wrapped it up with a bar of lavender soap. I think she liked it.

Here is the pretty raspberry one I kept for myself. There just may be a drawer full of these before I am done. Just as Ann has joined the sock cult, the warshrag cult has got me in its evil clutches.

The second Trekking Blah Sock (TBS) enjoyed lots of rivery excitement.
We spent Saturday morning fishing off the pier, and we caught 17 fish!

Here is TBS with the bait, a precarious place for handknits, indeed.

TBS also enjoyed some time sitting on the bench overlooking Cuckold's Creek. It also enjoyed a lovely boat ride to Solomon's Island along the Patuxent River, but that's when the camera died.

Thus, TBS added another form of transportation (boat) to it's list of adventures, and I made it all the way through the foot on this trip, and now just have the heel and cuff to finish before TBS is at last finished. I have a few more road trips planned for the summer, and am feeling confident about their future finished status. Check the sidebar for this well-traveled sock's updated mileage!

Later this week, some knitterly goodness from one of my favorite bloggers, an Orangina update, Summer of Stash thoughts, and a July Project Spectrum project.


iSeL said...

Glad to hear the power is back. At least you and TBS had a great time exploring MD.

Tracy Batchelder said...

Seems like my Trekking socks always find their way to a fishing hole too.

Anonymous said...

and the Goddess said "let there be light at the K house." and there was light, and it was good!

st. mary's county is a pretty part of MD. damn good crabs too!

has the TBS been on a train yet?

anne marie

Anonymous said...

I love your view of Cuckold's Creek, I think I could get a lot of knitting done in that spot. (Especially if there was an iced beverage nearby.) I really like your trekking color choice. I am always looking for more muted shades to knit for less adventurous relatives.