Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back to My Regularly Scheduled Knitting

Today I (sadly) missed THE pumpkin party to participate in our neighborhood fall festival. I had several felted purses, a bunch of felted stockings and hat ornaments, plus handful of scarves for sale. This little project allowed me to accomplish several things:
  • Stash busting -- Started during the Summer of Stash, almost all items were made with stash. Awesome!
  • Charity Knitting -- All proceeds from the sale go to Activate Richmond. Some items will go to the Art Karma auction for Art 180.
  • Christmas Knitting -- Anything left is fair game for holiday giving. Hello teacher gifts!
  • Halloween costume roll out -- Mouse and Rocket Boy got to strut their stuff in their mama-made costumes!
Now, I'm back to my one-armed CeCe Cardi!


Liz K. said...

Yippie! Yahoo! Glad to hear from you, Mo! How'd the sale go?

Mo said...

The sale was a success, but it was a one shot deal. I'm taking a felting and scarf sabbitical.