Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ten Knitterly Things About Ann

Here you go!

1. My mother taught me how to knit when I was young (maybe 4th grade?), but I was bored with the red garter stitch scarf and quit.

2. The BackBou and I tried to teach ourselves how to knit when we lived in Charlottesville in the mid 90s (I was maybe around 25). There was a beautiful yarn store on the downtown mall (different from the beautiful one that is there now) and we fell under a fiber spell and walked out with needles, yarn, and a how-to book. We both loved it but were hopeless without any guidance. Also, there was that garter stitch scarf problem again. We both quit within the week.

3. I never even thought about knitting again until January of 2004, a friend called to tell me she was teaching a knitting class at the church one block away, did I want to join the class? At that point, I had a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old; I would have taken a taxidermy class just to get out of the house once a week.

4. I had no real desire to knit but I was hooked for life when I saw Susanna, my teacher, open up her needle roll. I love gadgets and equipment. Knitters have great equipment. I almost never lose my tools because part of the thrill for me is having places and compartments for all the needles, scissors, measuring tapes, markers, etc. It's all about the gadgets. Quite like a 13-year-old boy and stereo equipment. Or like me and stereo equipment. (I can't wait for a ball winder!)

5. The only reason that knitting stuck this time was because of Mo and Liz. They were the best teachers ever. Liz walked me through my first little sweater for N. She took me through the finishing step by step and then when I was done, said importantly, "Congratulations, you have made a garment!" It was so imperfect, but Mo and Liz just gushed. Thank you guys.

6. Although I've only knit two fair isle pieces, I love it. Love it.

7. I have never knit intarsia, but I think I will like it.

8. I am not a fast knitter, but I dig the rhythm of it and could knit all day.

9. I love charts. I love charting patterns. I love doing the math in order to alter a pattern. I was really good at math in High School but then just fell apart mathematically in college (showing up for class might have helped). It's good to be back using that part of my brain.

10. I really wish that I could say that my favorite knitting time is when I'm out in nature, enjoying the meditative calm. But in reality, I love knitting during a Redskins' game with a beer sitting beside me. It's a good 3 hours of guilt-free football and knit time (well, almost guilt-free -- the BackBou is not a fan and huffs around the house quite a bit).

That's it for me! Let's hear from more of you all out there!


Anonymous said...

ann wrote: "You have a great knitting group -- I hope that I can join you sometime when I visit Liz!"

y'all sho nuff can, honey chile. I welcome visitors to my little group of artists. a friend of liz k's is a friend of the group! don't be shy!

anne marie
(the fearless leader of montco SnK)

Liz K. said...

I didn't know about all of your attempts at learning to knit before this last one really took. I loved reading about that.

And let me tell you, I missed the Eagles yesterday when all I wanted to do was sit and knit.

Aileen said...

I have to say, looking at all your FOs and WIPs that I have seen in the past year look like they were knitted by a seasoned knitter. The stuff that you, mo, and liz knit is the reason that I read your blog and want to recreate.

Sally said...

I love to read your blog entries. I think #3 of this entry is my favorite. I only have one child, but I know how it is to want something to do besides wipe poopy butts and vacuum Cheerios out of the sofa.

Keep knitting! Hope we get to see you and Mo up here soon!

Dorothy said...

Third time is the charm I guess. I think a garter stitch scarf would do me in too.