Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Feelin' Green

Here are some recent acquisitions from the maiden voyage to another LYS, Yarnings, in Skippack, PA. Mo, this shop is definitely on our itinerary for your upcoming visit. Most of it is for my semi-almost original pattern for Baby G (note: I abandoned the baby booties after not being able to resist the "Crazy Cotton" in this great green colorway), and the two skeins in the front are beautiful Koigu, which I have wanted to try and never come across in real life. These will be added to the sock stash, which is growing in leaps and bounds lately.

The apples, by the way, are left over from this weekend's Apple Crumb Pie, made from a recipe in the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook. As I usually suck at pies (as pastry is something made with the hands, read last post...) I was pleased at how well said pie was. If you want to recipe, it's like: make pie crust (or in my case, defrost pie crust and unroll), peel and slice three cups of Granny Smith Apples, coat with sugar, flour, and cinnamon, put in shell, then top with brown sugar-flour-butter crumble topping. Bake. Eat. Yum!

I am trying to figure out how to get a picture off my camera phone and onto my computer. It was in honor of last night's girl's night out, as Mr. Science and I had a night out in Philly: a bar and basketball game. Still being totally technically inept, I think I tried to e-mail it to myself with no success whatsoever. If I ever get it off the phone, you'll see it.

Also, I think we should open up a discussion for making some small improvements to our blog, such as improving our banner up top, and maybe adding links to our favorite blogs, etc. And the big question, what is our agreement on sharing the blog with others? We should discuss this too. What do y'all think? This discussion can go on private e-mail if you'd prefer. Smooches from me.

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