Sunday, January 22, 2006

Signs of Life in the 'Burbs

Yesterday, Mr. Science and I had an afternoon without the kids. We went to the little town next to ours called Phoenixville, and we were delighted to see a proto-almost-soon-t-be-Carytown-ish place in the works. There was a cute clothing boutique, some nice restaurants, (we had lunch with wine!) and much Mr S's delight, and excellent cheese shop! There's also an independent book store owned by a woman who is friends of my one almost-friend here. I even bought a dress - a cute hot pink strapless number that was on sale marked down from $124 to --are you ready ---$30!!!!

So then we went to an art talk on Rodin. Josh's distant cousin is the director of a foundation that has a huge traveling Rodin collection, and she was in town to do a gallery talk at the opening. So interesting! An actual cultural event. Total parents incognito. Loved it.

Then dinner at a chicken take-out place, that, while it is no Ukrops, its Broasted Chicken (whatever that was) was excellent, and it's orange and gold, totally-without-irony decor was totally craptastic!

And I turned the heel on Josh's sock, and make quite a lovely short-row heel, if I do say so myself!

So all in all, I'd say a totally successful day!

Ann, to answer your question about a starting pattern for a sock, I'd say that any simple ribbed sock will do you just fine. I've lately been doing my socks from the toe-up, but did my first few pairs from the cuff-down pattern. Since you know how to knit, purl and do short rows, making socks should be no trouble at all. I love them, and have resolved to always have a sock project on the needles in 2006. Sock yarn totally feeds my yarn-purchasing urge, whenever I feel the need to enhance the stash but don't want to buy a sweater's-worth of yarn. One simple skein or two, so much potential!

I thought I'd also upload a picture of the progress on Jules, the never-ending sweater, and of course, a great pic of Ann and Me on the Mall on Monday. What a fantastic day.

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Mo said...

Your day out sounds like a dream. So happy for you.