Friday, April 28, 2006

Finished Picovoli Pics, Finally!

Picovoli is finished! I finished knitting it about two weeks ago, but it has taken a while to finish the blocking, as well as waiting for some decent weather so that Mr S. could take some decent photos.

Pattern: Picovoli, by Grumperina
Yarn: Cascade Pima Silk, color 5144 purchased at Sophie's Yarns
Notes on the Yarn: this yarn is a worsted gauge, thicker than the recommended DK yarn, Debbie Bliss Cathay. This feels very soft and has very nice stitch definition. It does seem a little fuzzy, and I did end up picking a few pills off the sweater as I knit it. Generally, not a good sign. I will post if the yarn fuzzes or pills in any serious way. Otherwise, I did like using this yarn. I am also hoping that it won't be too hot for summer wear.
Pattern Mods: I knitted the picots at the neck using a smaller needle than the body of the sweater, but they do still roll a little without aggressive steam blocking. I also altered the raglan increases slightly by adding a simple K1 between the two K1fb increases. I just like that nice straight raglan line. Finally, I made the sweater longer than the pattern instructions, as I have had two c-sections, and need tugless garments to cover the belly.

Other notes on the pattern: I have seen the light! Knitting in the round from the top down is a great way to make a sweater, and believe me, I will be looking to make more sweaters (Green Gable!) using this method of construction. For a snug sweater like this one, fit was crucial, and I fell between sizes. If taking meticulous measurements, making multiple large gauge swatches and recalculating patterns is not your thing, I highly recommend knitting sweaters this way. Knit it, try it on halfway through, if it doesn't fit, adjust accordingly. Love it!

In other knitting news, SLS2 is making progress, thanks to a few hours in the ER. Just stitches, and not on my kid, either. Patient is fine, and sock's heel has been turned, gussets have been decreased, and I just have about 12 more repeats until I get to the toe. I did decide. I will finish this sock.

And, finally, as confirmation to my multi-project self, I cast on for the Green Gable with Cotton Fleece, and am participating in the Green Gable Knit Along.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


Erica Bunker said...

how pretty. I've seen so many of these and haven't made one for myself yet. You did a great job.

Ann said...

Incredible Liz - I love it - Congrats! You are the project queen ...

I'm trying to get back to my alernative sock, but we tore out the kitchen today and everything has plaster dust on it ... I have a hard time introducing yarn into this environment ...