Thursday, April 13, 2006

Knitting at the park

Typically, I take my kids to the park hoping to run into other moms and kids. I think we'll chat, the kids will play, everybody will be happy. I finally realized this is a delusional expectation of this neighborhood. But my kids still want to go to the park. Solution -- knit in peaceful solitude.

Of course, this may be obvious to you, but like I said, I was delusional for the last two years. Plus, I've recently become mere transportation, since the kids have grown into great playmates.

Knowing there would not be another soul at the park, I packed a lunch chock full of nitrates and not quite seasonal fruit for the kids and grabbed my Simply Lovelies.

Using size 0 needles, I cast on 60 stitches with the picot edging option. My crochet hook is with me at all times because I have dropped stitches several times. The Opal yarn comes from the Knitting Basket in Richmond. I'm not sure about their current sock yarn offerings since they recently changed owners.

This is only my third set of socks, so I'm totally unsure about fit, pattern and yarn choices. I can't wait to learn from everyone else. Plus, I can't wait to get back to the park.


Liz K. said...

I had originally picked my blue blauband yarn for my SLS, and had I known that you and Ann were both doing blue, I would have done blues too. Alas, I am stuck with the peach.

Ann said...

Actually, I suffer from some color issue with my camera ... my yarn is a very strong, deep purple!

I envy your park time. My kids have been bickering almost constantly this past week and it's driving me nutso!!!!!

btw, I hated casting these on!!

Jennie said...

I just started doing this with my kid--for him to burn off extra energy, and for me to get more knitting time. LOVE IT. Pretty sock!

Devorah said...

I also love park / playground time. Since I gave up even attempting to be social long ago, I listen to audio books while knitting and soaking up the sun (or keeping cool in the shade). I just wish the weather around here would clear up so I can get some quality playground time this week. Enjoy your solitude.

Tina said...

Oh. My. God. You. Guys. The. Harlot. Linked. To. Your. Blog.

I kid you not.

Look. Out.

(hi guys -- I'm a friend of lovely Ann's. Hi Ann -- blessings on the exit from knitting funk!)

Liz K. said...

There's even a pic of me and the traveling sock on Steph's blog. And a comment on the post I did reviewing the stop. Whoa.

Cathy said...

Well, the Harlot has given the Midas touch to your blog. I am part of a blog also that is several of us across state lines. Plays with pointy things is a similar blog. We've been slow to post with work being the pesky thing that has kept us too busy, but nonetheless we post.
Loved both socks, as I, too, am an infant in sock making, but hope to be weaned to toddlerhood.