Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thursday Sock Update

First things first: the finished Koigu Conwys!
Pattern: Conwy Socks from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM

Thoughts and Yammerings: Loved knitting this pattern, and really really really loved knitting with the Koigu, but this was not the perfect match of sock pattern and yarn. The tan tone in the colorway, the most contrasting color, was the one that flashed and pooled through the cuff and leg, and not in the most attractive way, and the extremes in the variegation distracted from the pattern of twisted stitches. It got better by the foot, settling into a nice stripe. This was my first round toe, and was fun to try. As a relative baby in the world of knitted socks (less than ten pairs total), I haven't formed preferences in the way I knit my socks, and am interested in trying as many different techniques as possible.

I am actually in the midst of coming up with a Knitted Sock Evaluation Scale, the former teacher I am, so tell me how do you evaluate your knitted socks? Fit, pattern, yarn...what else? Leave a comment (now that we know how to both read and post them!!) and let me know. Help me in my quest for the perfect combination of yarn, pattern, technique, fit, feel, everything!

Simply Lovely Socks (SLS) Update:

I began my SLS on Monday with everyone else, and am using Lang Jawoll in a salmon-y colorway, that I don't really love, but I think it is a nice combination of yarn color and pattern. I do have to say, Ann, this is not the best pattern to initiate you into knitting socks. It is fiddly and delicate, and I think for your first pair of socks, a satisying self-striper in a simple stockinette on US2s is the way to go. My props for sticking with it, if you choose to do so. Mo, I also want to know where you are getting your Opal, since as the most loyal customer of a certain Richmond LYS, they do not carry sock yarn there (shame!)


Emma said...

I'd love to help you out, but I've only knitted three socks myself. Currently working on a fourth, and need to cast on for a fifth to be a mate for the third. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, I thought your socks were lovely, although I can see what you mean about the yarn and the pattern. I really want to try the koigu, but there are just so many gorgeous colors, I can't decide where to start.

Liz K. said...

Thanks, Emma. I have so far been able to stave off second-sock syndrome, but I know it is only a matter of time. And just jump right in with the koigu -- you won't be sorry!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with my Conwys, although I used Lorna's Laces. I ended up with a giant eye shaped thing on each sock leg. I like the pattern, but I think I'd try it with either solid yarn or yarn that's more subtley variegated.

Tanya said...

My simply lovely lace sock fits perfectly. I'm attempting to make a second one as we speak. I used merino yarn from London-Wul. Feel free to check out my blog to see them so far,, and look in the right column under "On the Needles".