Saturday, April 15, 2006

When I Ran Out Of Yarn...

This is how close to finished I was on Picovoli when I ran out of yarn. I guess I will be wearing something else to Easter dinner tomorrow...

Readers of this blog know that Picovoli was frogged once already. This was a good decision. The fit, knitted on a smaller needle, is much better. Being a petite girl, but still built like a woman, I'm not the easiest fit on top, but one is a winner. Despite the fact that knitting the picots on a smaller needle, they still roll a big, but I think this is (everybody all together know...) will block out. However, we all know that using a smaller needle uses more yarn. Ach!

Being a woman who has had two cesaerean sections, I cannot skimp on length on sweaters. I have done this before (on my Soleil sweater, for example), and every time I wear it, I spend all my time tugging the bottom of the sweater. Resolved to have a tug-free fit, and taking advantage of the top-down construction of this sweater (love that!), I know I still have to knit another inch or so, and then do the picot hem. Also, the sleeve caps are obviously unfinished too.

I purchased the yarn at Sophie's downtown, on my last shopping day downtown with my sister. However, it is, as I have said before, pretty inconvenient for me to get downtown. And there are no scheduled jaunts to the city in the next few weeks or so due to calendar stuff -- just too busy to run downtown for ONE BALL OF YARN. So, I began to call various LYS in the vast Philly 'burbs in which I languish to find one lone ball of Cascade Pima Silk. One yarn shop owner had a few balls, not in my color, she regrettfully and kindly said. One place didn't carry it, but wanted to know if I liked it, even suggested places online where I could order it.

One place I called was so, umm,'s the conversation:

"Do you carry Cascade Pima Silk?"
"Have you ever been here before?"
"Um, yes...I know you carry some Cascade Yarns."
"Well, then you know I have a lot of yarn."
"Yes, but do you carry Pima Silk? I need one ball to finish my sweater."
"You know, I have no way of knowing if I carry that or not. You'll just have to come in and search, I guess."

YOU HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING? EVER HEARD OF INVENTORY??? It is not as if this is the first time that this LONG TIME LYS has ever gotten this question from a desperate knitter...

Of course, I could have googled, and ordered online, but I am on a bit of a yarn diet for the rest of the month, and I have a hard time justifying shipping charges on one lone ball of yarn. So had I ordered it online, let's just say a few more skeins would have to have made it into the stash...

But...this story has a hero, as all good stories do. I called Sophie's downtown. The had another ball. So my sister, the ultimate non-knitting knitting enabler in my life, who lives in downtown Philly, stopped by the yarn shop to pick up another ball for me. And then called me to assure me that the ball of yarn was in her possession, and that she would bring it with her for Easter weekend. Is she the best or what?

And her reward for her knitting enabling? Something knitted with this:

Artyarns Supermerino

Hello, gorgeous...

I also wanted to thank the fabulous Yarn Harlot who have me and my Sitcom Chic and nice shout-out on her blog. That's me grinning like an idiot in one of the traveling sock pictures.


Jennus Interruptus said...

Okay, I'm delurking in a fit of flabbergastedness.

What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is with that lady?

"We have no way of knowing what we carry. You'll just have to come in and search for it."

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Well, for today, anyway. I wonder if she was the manager, or just didn't feel like being helpful.

"We have no way of knowing what we carry.............."

There is so much wrong with that - I don't even know where to start! Bah! Argh! Glurp! :)

By the way, very diplomatic of you not to name the store.

And it's nice to see a Picovoli (do I have that spelled right? I'm too lazy to go back and check) I'm considering that pattern in the back of my mind, but worry about the shelf-like look that may result from my ample bust. Looks great on you!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Think of how many errands you can get her to run, for you, if you offer knitted goodness as the reward!

The LYS sounds like a place that doesn't really appreciate the people that keep it going.

How absolutely ridiculous to NOT know what they have in stock!!!

The upper of your Picovoli looks fab. Too bad you can't wear it tomorrow. :-(

Ann said...

I CANNOT fathom what that LYS owner/manager was thinking! How ridiculous ... and how wonderful of your sister - she rocks! Keep knitting for her Liz, she's a keeper ...

Ramona said...

You are so lucky to have a sister who supports the "habit". I love the color!

Anonymous said...

honey chile, I worked the artyarns supermerino last year, creating vests for my sister-in-law and a friend. soft, soft, soft, and a pleasure with which to knit.

re: your LYS experience - and then the shops wonder why we buy online or go elsewhere....1-2-3 stupidduh!

anne marie

Mo said...

I can't believe you ran out of yarn! It looks so cute! I'm such a copy cat ... I want one too -- now!

BTW, I just ordered Yarn Harlot's new book. Couldn't stand all the excitment!

Susan Wike said...

Love the Picovili! I'm thinking about attempting one myself, but I think I'll wait until I'm out of school for the summer--I'm a third grade teacher--to give it a try. As for the boob at the yarn shop, she can't be a yarn lover. If she was, she'd not only know what she carried, but what each skein felt like, smelled like and looked like. Seems like a place to steer clear of!!!

Jade said...

Glad that your picovoli is much better this time round! Will suck to have to frog it again. ^_^

Anonymous said...

First-time visitor via the harlot's blog. Enjoyed it; lovely knitting, especially your socks! Just gorgeous they are1