Saturday, October 07, 2006

Stolen Moments Sock

Socktoberfest is not the best time to become obsessed with lace as all of my knitting energy has been dedicated to knitting the shawl. As the shawl grew to over 250 stitches across, it became a time commitment just to knit one row. Luckily, I always have multiple WIPs, so when throughout my day, I have little snatches of time here and there I can knit a few rows of something. In honor of Socktoberfest, I chose to take these moments and knit my second Embossed Leaves Sock, and capture the progress made daily.

Sunday: my wrists beagn to hurt after long knitting session with the shawl. Cast on and knit the cuff
Monday: a few moments of quiet after returning from the grocery but before making dinner.
Tuesday: Rosebud's SuperSports class at the YMCA is 45 minutes long.
Wednesday: no progress -- finished the shawl!
Thursday: kids are playing contendedly with their playdate friend

Friday: Pepe konked out while Rosebud was at kindergarten, make it through the heel and gussets.

This is one of the truly wonderful things about sock knitting. It is the ultimate on-the-go project, easily knit during your busiest times. This sock will be done soon!


Francesca said...

I do feel like I need to get into that rhythm of having a sock on the go. What fun to see your progress evolve.

iSeL said...

I'm gonna go tell Lolly you are cheating on your sock, which, by the way, looks fabulous.

Lolly said...

Hehe! Isel is crazy! :) The thing is - and I did this for myself too! - there is no rule that you ONLY knit socks this month!

I love the blue embossed leaves! it is one beautiful sock!

Dave said...

I love the colours in that socks -- it's gorgeous!

carrie said...

the shawl is breathtaking and i love the sock progress shots! i'm not a very successful sock knitter, but that's ok.

ICJ said...

YAY!!! Socktoberfest!!!

Good progress on your socks! :-)

Isabelle aka Tricotine
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eyeknit said...

Embossed Leaves is one of my all-time favorite sock patterns. It goes quickly (maybe due to the long pattern repeat), and fits a variety of feet well.