Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Real Reason I Didn't Join the Knitting Olympics

One pro of moving back to Philly for us has been the giant step up in cuisine. Not only do we have regular trips to Trader Joes, we buy fresh Amish produce and Italian products from real Italians! So, last night Mr. Science and I hosted my mom and my lovely sister last night for a little Italian feast in honor of the Opening Ceremonies. We had pasta with shrimp and peas, garlicky escarole, long breadsticks and Italian bread spread with Nutella, which, according to our research, are both products of Torino. Sister brought three flavors Capogiro Gelato and we had excellent canolli, too. Mom brought more Piedmont favorites: Barbera, Barolo, and Barbaresco. The following occured:

That's me working on Jules. And joining this new Knitting Olympics Team:

I just knew I wasn't cut out for competitive knitting. The goal, though, is to finish Jules before MIL comes to visit in two weeks.

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