Monday, February 06, 2006

Still no knitting

Isn't it strange? I start a knitting blog with my friends, and then I stop knitting. What's up with that?

Girl's night out was a hoot. Some interesting info was disclosed, much of it not suitable for print in a family-friendly blog like this. But here's some info I can reveal:
* Cindy knows the sex of the baby, but isn't telling anyone. Not even Ryan. She did cry when she found out, so is that a clue?
* Mary gets so tired during the day that sometimes she pulls the van over on the side of the road and goes to sleep in the back with the kids. Sometimes they are less than a mile away from home!
* Jen still gets up a 5 a.m. to exercise. She looks awesome and is tearing up the financial planning world. She's passing all her exams and is licensed to make some money!
* Amy is working on finding out if Evan has a milk allergy. The poor guy has had a rough time, so we're hoping they get a resolution.

In other news, we had our Lunar New Year Party last night. Miss Priss helped me make dumplings and rice crispy treat sushi with gummies on top and fruit roll up for the seaweed. It was very authentic. This year we had my "old" friends from college and pre-kids days over for the event. In my mind, I was hoping to create a "do over" for the new year. I wanted to erase the past month and start over. While that's silly and just impossible, it was incredible to be with so many people I really love and have known for some many years ... some close to 20 years!

I had a awesome first week with Weight Watchers. I'm done being grouchy about it (most days) and starting to kind of enjoy it. It still occupies most of my mental energy. I need to get to the point that I can share some space with my knitting 'cause I'm not started a weight loss blog.

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Liz K. said...

Mo, loved your rice crispy sushi idea -- how cute! And I think a New Year Do-Over was totally called for this year. I'm ready to erase Januaries for good.

I'm glad to hear your weight loss is going well -- keep us updated. This is a friendship blog, life blog, motherhood AND knitting blog...we can do what we want.